[Thorough Review] Nijigen Girlfriend (2D Girlfriend) E○ge? Introducing user ratings!

Updated on 2023-06-29
Nijigen Kanojo is a popular dating simulation game. Currently, more than 600,000 users are playing Nijigen Kanojo, demonstrating its popularity. So this time, I will introduce how to register/cancel/billing Nijigen Kanojo and how to play.

The game is very popular and has become a hot topic, so there are probably many people who are curious about it.

So this time, I would like to summarize what kind of game Nijigen Kanojo is!

What kind of game is Nijigen Kanojo?

Nijigen Kanojo is a dating simulation game, but the story and the favorability of the characters do not change depending on the command selected by the user in a common selection format.

In Nijigen Kanojo, you will proceed with the conversation as if you were exchanging messages with the character via chat.

One of the major features of Nijigen Kanojo is that the game progresses through conversation rather than through choices.

Nijigen Kanojo has over 1 million registered users!


The number of registrants of Nijigen Kanojo will increase tremendously when the service starts, and in August 2021, the number of registrants of Nijigen Kanojo will exceed 1 million!

At that time, a total of 1 million yen campaign was held as an event to commemorate the breakthrough of 1 million people.

The feature of Nijigen Kanojo is that you can have real conversations with two-dimensional girls.

The main feature of Nijigen Kanojo is to have a conversation with the heroine by exchanging messages.

If you send a message to the heroine, you will receive a reply according to the user's message.

The content of the reply is real as if you were really exchanging messages with people!

One of the major features of Nijigen Kanojo is that you can have real conversations that make you wonder if the staff is actually returning messages behind the scenes .

Nijigen Kanojo's conversation is typed by people?

Some people think that the staff is replying to Nijigen Kanojo's realistic conversation atmosphere, but in reality, AI judges the content of replies .

The exact reply was enough to whisper rumors among users that "AI is a lie and the staff is actually replying".

How to play Nijigen Kanojo?

Nijigen Kanojo has a smartphone app version, but it is basically a browser game.

Therefore, you can play by registering without installing it on your smartphone or computer like an app game.

Also, even in the browser version, the gameplay is similar to the smartphone app game, so even people who have never played a browser game will be able to play intuitively without worrying about how to play or how to operate .

I'll show you how to play the game in detail.

need hearts to talk

The hearts that appear in Nijigen Kanojo are like stamina or stones in app games .

There are two types of hearts, red hearts and rainbow hearts, which are required to send messages to the heroine and read messages received from the heroine.

However, these hearts do not regenerate over time!

Red hearts are distributed as login bonuses, but if they are not used up on the day of distribution, they will disappear at 3:00 am when the in-game date changes.

Also, Niji Heart is like a stone in a smartphone app game, and it seems that it is rarely distributed, but basically it is a charged purchase .

Therefore, even if many users want to talk with the heroine, they will always be in a situation where they are short of hearts.

No reply from 24:00 to 7:00 in the morning?

In Nijigen Kanojo, you will not receive replies from the heroine between 24:00 and 7:00 .

This is because there is a setting that the heroine sleeps during this time .

In Nijigen Kanojo, the reply content is also determined by AI in the game, so it is possible to reply at any time 24 hours a day.

Even so, by not replying during the night time, you will be able to feel the reality of actually having a conversation with someone.

However, it does not always mean that you will not receive a reply from 24:00 to 7:00 in the morning .

If the heroine stays up late, you may be able to talk with her even after midnight .

You can find out if the heroine is staying up late by receiving a notice from the management.

To see H scenes, you must pay 1000 yen or more

Nijigen Kanojo always tends to run out of heart.

In order to make up for the lack of hearts, it is necessary to purchase hearts by charging.

The price range is wide, from 1000 yen to 30000 yen.

With the 30,000 yen set, you can get over 1,000 rainbow hearts and valuable items.

Even users who do not intend to pay more than 1000 yen are a must to enjoy Nijigen Kanojo .

Since Nijigen Kanojo's heart is reset every day, it cannot be accumulated without charge, and the number of messages with the heroine is limited.

However, if you spend just 1000 yen, you can get 28 rainbow hearts, and you can get 16 red hearts every day for 28 days.

By exchanging Niji Hearts for items and receiving Red Hearts every day, you can increase the number of messages you send and enjoy Nijigen Girlfriend.

Also, Nijigen Kanojo contains erotic elements, but the unlocking conditions include charging.

Even if you pay only 1000 yen, the H element will be lifted, so it is essential to pay to fully enjoy Nijigen Kanojo.

If you don't talk during the H scene, will it be interrupted?

It is important to note that Nijigen Kanojo will switch to another scene if you leave the conversation unattended .

Even if you have a good relationship with the heroine and enter the H element, if you don't talk, the scene will change and the next morning will come.

The standard for the scene to switch is 12 hours.

Be careful not to lose hearts in a good scene and interrupt the conversation.

Introducing the main characters of Nijigen Kanojo!

Nijigen Kanojo has several female heroine characters.

All the characters are cute, but each one has a different appearance and setting, so let's find your favorite heroine!

Main character of Nijigen Kanojo ① Yayoi Kohinata

Yayoi Kohinata is a girl who moved in next door to the main character and is a high school girl heroine .

Not only active in Nijigen Kanojo, but also popular enough to debut as a Vtuber .

CV is Asuna Hanamaru.

In addition to Yayoi Kohinata, Mr. Asuna Hanamaru is in charge of Namit Mir of `` Crown to my princess '' and Emperor Goshirakawa of `` Genpei Ryoran Emaki - GIKEI - ''.

Main character of Nijigen Kanojo ② Mio Fujiwara

Mio Fujiwara is an old female friend of the protagonist .

She looks like a gal and is a good reader.

However, there is also a gap that the occupation is a nursery teacher.

CV is Ringo Aoba.

Ringo Aoba is also in charge of Seito Chiemi of 'Fuyukara Kururu' and Madai of 'Shin Koihime Musou'.

Main character of Nijigen Kanojo ③ Erika Aoi

Erika Aoi is a dental hygienist at the dentist that the protagonist attends .

Unlike Yayoi Kohinata and Mio Fujiwara, she is a little older sister.

CV is Yukimura and Asan.

In addition to Erika Aoi, Toa Yukimura is in charge of Ruri of "Kemomimi Musume heals you at a child-making hot spring inn" and notebooks of "Princess and Lust Testament".

Main character of Nijigen Kanojo ④ Madoka Maruyama

Maruyama Madoka is the younger sister of the protagonist's best friend .

She is also a junior who attends the same school.

A little devilish girl with an innocent and innocent personality.

CV is Musubi Aono.

In addition to En Maruyama, Aono Musubi is also in charge of Satomi Kurokawa of 'Classmate Remake' and Akane Futaba of 'Kunadokuki'.

How to register and cancel Nijigen Kanojo!

Nijigen Kanojo can be played by registering.

People who are interested in Nijigen Kanojo and want to start should know how to register.

How to register Nijigen Kanojo?

To register Nijigen Kanojo, first go to the top page of the official website of "Nijigen Kanojo".

On the top page, letters such as "Start love now" and "PLAY for free" are displayed in an easy-to-understand manner, so select them.

Configure the basic settings on the next page.

You will need to enter your email address, nickname, date of birth, login password, etc.

You will also need to agree to the terms of use .

After entering the required information and submitting, you will be prompted to enter the verification code.

The authentication code will be sent by e-mail from "Nijigen Kanojo" to the set e-mail address.

If you enter the verification code described in the email and send it again, the registration is complete.

What is the payment method for billing?

The payment method for charging with Nijigen Kanojo is the same as for smartphone app games, and there are two types of payment: payment by credit card or electronic money that can be purchased at convenience stores .

Electronic money uses bit cash .

Nijigen Kanojo is easy to deplete hearts, so it is recommended to use bit cash so as not to charge too much.

How to withdraw from Nijigen Kanojo?

To withdraw, open My Page on the game screen and select the "Withdrawal" item.

A cautionary note will be displayed, so be sure to check the content carefully.

If you withdraw, your hearts, items, conversations, and other records will be lost, so you will not be able to continue the game, so be careful.

What are Nijigen Kanojo users' Twitter ratings and Google Play reviews?

Many people refer to ratings and reviews when starting a new game.

Nijigen Kanojo Let's check what kind of opinions are given in Twitter ratings and Google Play reviews .

real chat is fun

One of the major features of Nijigen Kanojo is real chat that makes you wonder if the staff is replying .

People who start Nijigen Kanojo without prior knowledge will be surprised at the reality.

On the other hand, there are also voices that it is a game with double billing

In Nijigen Kanojo, you basically need to pay to play fully, such as relieving heart depletion and unlocking H elements .

Also, if you play all the games, you will need to pay a considerable amount of money.

Some say, "Nijigen Kanojo is a heavy-paying game" because you need to pay anyway.

However, anyone can easily play Nijigen Kanojo as long as they register.

Therefore, if you can play enough without paying, there is a possibility that minors will play.

As a way to prevent such a thing, by making it necessary to charge, there is also an aspect that plays a role of age confirmation and restriction .

GooglePlay reviews have sakura?

Nijigen Kanojo has a very high rating of 4.5 stars on Google Play .

Some people may doubt that they are hiring Sakura because of the high evaluation.

However, Google Play 's platform is getting stronger, and it is removing from the search process, such as cherry reviews and install number earning, which deliberately manipulates rankings.

Also, these acts are a violation of the developer policy, and in the worst case the app may be deleted from Google Play .

Therefore, if there is an obvious ranking manipulation, Nijigen Kanojo should have been dealt with by Google , but that has not happened.

Reviews are for reference only, so it's a good idea to actually play without paying first .

Nijigen girlfriend is E○ge? User ratings and reviews are also introduced! summary

Nijigen Kanojo also has H elements, but its main feature is the exchange of real messages with the heroine .

You can have surprisingly realistic conversations, so you can enjoy it without paying first.