How did Teru Oshima's map search come about? A thorough explanation of how to find the accident property!

Updated on 2023-06-30
Speaking of accident properties, it is so famous that the name of Teru Oshima appears. In the first place, I will explain again what the accident property is and who Teru Oshima is . From now on, I will introduce dangerous properties that fall under the accident property, so it is a good idea to check the property you are currently living in or when you rent a property from now on.

Speaking of accident properties, it is so famous that the name of Teru Oshima appears.

In the first place, I will explain again what the accident property is and who Teru Oshima is .

From now on, I will introduce dangerous properties that fall under the accident property, so it is a good idea to check the property you are currently living in or when you rent a property from now on.

What is Teru Oshima?

Teruto Oshima is an information sharing site for accident properties .

The site operator, Manabu Oshima, launched the site when he thought, "I definitely don't want to live in an accident property ."

By the way, the site name Teru Oshima is said to have come from Manabu's real grandmother.

Accident property information sharing site

An accident property is one that has a history of the death of a previous resident for some reason in either a room or common space of the property .

In particular

  • Property where the death occurred in a criminal case such as murder, injury resulting in death, fire, etc.
  • Property where the previous resident died due to accidental death, suicide, or lonely death, etc.
  • Property where residents have died many times in a specific room one after another, regardless of whether it is criminal or civil.

Teru Oshima can post such accident property information, and various accident property information can be shared and confirmed.

The site has detailed information on the accident property on the map, so you can check it as if you were looking at the map on your smartphone.

You can also search by the name of the place where you live or by the building name such as "Corpo XX".

Anyone can post

Teru Oshima can view and post accident properties by anyone who accesses the site .

Mr. Teru Oshima can check the details of the accident property information on the map, but if you get the information of the accident property , for example, you can post it quickly.

Is the information on the accident property genuine?

Anyone can feel free to post information on many accident properties to Teru Oshima, but is this information true?

If there is an accident property near where you live...

If you think, it's actually scary if you've already lived in the accident property.

I will try to find out the credibility of the information on these posted accident properties .

There is also false information

Teru Oshima can post accident property information.

The fact that anyone can post an accident property means that anyone can post false information or irrelevant information .

Manabu Oshima, who actually manages Teru Oshima, also posted a video on YouTube.

"There were posts overseas saying, 'In this place, an earthworm was cut in two and died.'"

I was commenting.

So far it's still good

  • Posts that are clearly rumored and unclear
  • Unreliable posts such as "I heard from ○○ that this is an accident property"

There was also a post like this.

Especially when there is a property that the real estate salesman does not want to decide

This room was an accident property...

And there are cases where it is not originally an accident property, but it is intentionally falsely explained that it is an accident property, so it is not acceptable.

Possibility of harassment of landlord

So far it's still cute, but some of it is vicious and almost harassing.

・Competitors post false information to kick out rivals and lower the value of real estate
・Harassment from people who hold personal grudges
・Organized things like ostracism

There are false posts for the purpose of

In fact, as a result of Mr. Teru Oshima writing information that is different from the truth, some people have suffered damage due to a drop in real estate value .

In other words, we have to consider that anyone can post information on accident properties, which is mixed with lies.

So you have to make sure that the information is correct.

Teru Oshima is her grandmother's name.

The site name "Teru Oshima" is not Manabu Oshima's real name, but the name of his grandmother.

He used to talk about it in a Youtube video.

Also, Mr. Manabu Oshima is a person who speaks slowly, but he graduated from the University of Tokyo and is very talented.

As an episode that shows his excellence, there is a case that he won when he was defamed by the owner of the property posted on Mr. Teru Oshima.

What's more, in the civil lawsuit, I handled it myself without a lawyer, so I feel amazing!

What inspired you to make Oshima Teru?

Manabu Oshima himself will introduce why he is so particular about accident properties .

In fact, he himself is neither an occult maniac nor an inspiration.

Furthermore, it is different from accident property comedians who like to live in accident properties and make jokes like Mr. Tanishi Matsubara.

Rather, I launched this site because I don't want to live in an accident property.

Because I don't want to live there, I have a lot of knowledge about accident properties.

・Laws that cause accidents
・Feng shui and security around the accident property
・Investigation of past violent incidents and history

We are thoroughly investigating the incident background of each accident property.

For example, there are cases where the accident property continues in a straight line like this image.

This phenomenon is called "accident property street" .

For that reason, I often collaborate with occult YouTubers such as Tanishi Matsubara, Shuhei Shimada, Toshi Boys, and Takku TV to show off my knowledge of accident properties.

What is Teru Oshima's checking system?

So far, I've looked into the accident property and Mr. Manabu Oshima, but I'd like to introduce how the check system works.

A quick summary of the comments of the site operator Manabu Oshima

・Incorrect information may be posted
・If the landlord points it out, it will be deleted, but if it turns out to be an accident property later, it will be
reposted ・The biggest problem is "despite the incorrect information being posted Instead, the landlord remains unaware of Teru Oshima's existence. "


Therefore, when collaborating with a YouTuber

  • Incorrect information may be posted
  • I want the landlord to know the existence of Teru Oshima and check if there is any incorrect information posted on my property.

I am calling for something like this.

The policy is to leave the information to the user when it is made public

Also, Mr. Manabu Oshima's policy is to ``give out all the information and leave the rest to the user'' .

For example, even if the property had a natural death without an incident,

  • A property with a large amount of maggots springing up due to advanced decomposition
  • A property with faint human-shaped stains on the walls and floor due to body fluids soaked in when it rots
  • There is a part of the body in the closet of the rented property and it is mummified

I don't want to live in such a property.

If there is such information, it will affect the stamp on the rental contract document.

On the other hand, we do not want you to misunderstand us .

So, it seems that the information is exhausted and the rest is left to the user's judgment.

We are also expanding overseas!

Although it is not well known, in fact , we are expanding overseas, and we publish information on overseas accident properties such as New York and Paris .

The English version is developed as "Oshima land", and there are also posts from local Japanese and overseas people.

According to Manabu Oshima, "Sometimes the posts are in the local language, so it's hard to translate when they're posted in a language you don't know . "

How does Teru Oshima use map search?

From here, I will introduce how to use Teru Oshima's map search.

The main steps are

① Access the site
② Search for the area you want to investigate
③ Tap the flame mark

It will be a procedure such as.

We will explain each step in detail.

1: Visit the site

First, access Teru Oshima's website.

Teru Oshima's website is here.

When accessing the smartphone version of the site, the map will not appear on the first screen.

Tap "Oshima Teru-san Property" to display a map, and open the map from there.

2: Search the area you want to check

Next, search for the address of the area you want to know.

You can search for the area you want to know by entering a place name or building name in the search window of "Move by specifying an address".

For example, if you want to search around Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, enter "Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo" in the search bar at the bottom of the site.

Then, a pin will be stuck in the main building of the Shinjuku Ward Office, so you can operate the map from there to search for the accident property.

However, please be aware that if the building is not very famous, it may not appear even if you search for it.

3: Tap the flame mark

Finally, tap the flame symbol.

The flame mark indicates where the accident property information is posted.

When the map is displayed in a wide area such as Tokyo or Osaka, small flames may gather and appear as a large flame.

In that case, you can search for detailed information by enlarging the map properly because it is an area where accident property information is dense .

Can't you see it on your smartphone? How to search!

When you access the site from a PC, the map will be displayed quickly.

However, from a smartphone, the map does not appear on the first page and the following screen appears.

If this display appears, tap any part of the address marked with a red frame to display the map.

Then it will fly to the designated address point.

From there, pinch two fingers together on the map to zoom out.

From there, you can search by expanding the screen to the area you want to search.

Teru Oshima chooses 3 dangerous properties

From here, I will introduce three dangerous properties selected by Teru Oshima .

Please be aware that there is a psychic phenomenon that is incomparable to any ordinary accident property.

1: Haruma Miura

First of all, I would like to introduce the property where Haruma Miura passed away .

Many people search for "Oshima Teru Miura Haruma" here, and some people already know it as a famous accident property.

In fact, it is said that it was an accident property even before Haruma Miura lived there.

In addition, the apartment where Mr. Haruma Miura lived was built using the system of public open space , and it is allowed to set up a convenience store etc. in the area.

An open space is an open space that is open to
the public and can be freely used by the public within the target site of a development project.

Therefore, even if the media enters the premises of the condominium, residents can freely enter and exit without refusing.

Therefore, immediately after Mr. Haruma Miura committed suicide, there was a media report, and it became a hot topic, and his fans flooded in.

Residents were annoyed by Haruma Miura's fans and the media who flooded in every time, and many troubles occurred.

In the room where Mr. Haruma Miura passed away, there was damage such as setting up a flower tribute without permission and putting up bouquets, and being followed by the media for interviews.

Also, along with that, there was a lot of information that mysterious psychic phenomena were occurring frequently, but if anything, people are said to be dangerous.

2: Suspicious fire

The second thing I would like to introduce is a suspicious fire.

Here, there was a site that refused to evict only one case during the redevelopment target area and construction work to widen the road.

For the residents, they reject it because they think it's a land of memories, but if it remains there, the construction will never progress.

In such a case, there is a case where a fire breaks out in the house.

In this case, the possibility of arson for the eviction is high, but it is too late to call for help because there are no people around because the surroundings have already been evacuated.

If arson was a hard line for eviction, it would be pretty scary.

3: Accident property on all floors

The last thing I would like to introduce is that all floors are accident properties.

For example, there is a three-story house with a flat roof and a small store that looks like a detached house.

  • Suicide by hanging occurs in the space where laundry is hung on the third floor
  • Residents get drunk and fight with each other in the common space on the roof and kill them with the beer bottles they have
  • The landlord is stabbed and killed in the landlord's room on the first floor

A series of events happened.

Later, it turned out that the resident on the second floor was the culprit , but he did not want to be caught by the police, so he committed suicide in the mountains.

As a result, there were cases where all floors became accident properties.

There was a kind of curse that four people died in just over four years, but for some reason there were no accident properties within a radius of several kilometers.

When Mr. Manabu Oshima investigated later, it seems that it was put up for sale and it is not known what happened to it now.

How did Teru Oshima's map search come about? A thorough explanation of how to find the accident property! summary

How was Teru Oshima's map search born? A thorough explanation of how to find the accident property! I tried together.

It became a hot topic that Tanishi Matsubara, an entertainer of the accident property, lived in the accident property for 10 years as part of the planning of the program.

There must have been a lot of people who were worried about whether the property they live in was an accident property.

Therefore, Mr. Teru Oshima's site appeared, and it became possible to view the details of many accident properties.

While this allows anyone to post, there are also malicious and false posts, which are being scrutinized by the operator, Manabu Oshima.

However, Mr. Manabu Oshima advocates ``give out all the information and leave the rest up to the users'', leaving it up to us users to scrutinize the information on the accident property.

Believe it or not, it's up to you.