RAW site where you can read "Fable" for free!

Updated on 2023-02-07
We have investigated how to read the manga "The Fable" on illegal manga sites. In this section, we share our findings.

We have investigated how to read the manga "The Fable" on illegal manga sites.

Below we share our findings.

Synopsis of The Fable

The manga "The Fable" is a youth-oriented manga by Katsuhisa Minami.

The main character is an eccentric and extremely skilled assassin. For some reason, he lives a life without commissions. He must never kill. As a professional killer, he must be a "civilian"! Osaka Days" is a barbaric and funny story.

But where there are ruthless people, there are ruthless people. How will you get out of this?

Fabre, a hitman who is able to handle any trouble that comes his way without hesitation (and he is bound to not kill), makes us feel a sense of security like Superman. The above daily scenes come closer to us because of the people of Osaka and their spoken language. I think this is a very competent work that makes good use of the slow and the fast. I recommend it!

He's a legendary assassin, but he's a painter and has a cat tongue, and he's so cute... I love him for the gap!

The Fable" RAW website

Manga1000|You can read


Manga1000 is a pirate site.

You can still browse the site, but the top page is not accessible from search engines.

If you search for "The Fable" on Manga1000, you can read up to episode 69.

But there are quite a few uncensored adult ads on Manga1000.

I think it is very embarrassing to use Manga1000 under normal or school commute.

If you want to block ads on Manga1000, I recommend this article.


I looked for "The Fable" on KLManga with no results!


I searched for "The Fable" on nyaa with no results!

Recommended reading sites for The Fable

No.1: Manga Kingdom


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No. 2: ebookjapan

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No. 3: Sukima

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No. 4: Manga-Zenmaku.com

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We have investigated how to read the manga "The Fable" on illegal manga sites.

I still recommend legal manga sites.