[Browsing attention] What is a boy who has kept a creature? Even after the shock!

Updated on 2022-11-02
In this article, we will talk about "The boy who kept animals". Risk/genre what the search hits what kind of video why this happened Let's take a closer look at these.

This time it's about "the boy who kept a creature" .

The embed below is my commentary video " Let's all watch words that should not be searched! [Live voice commentary] #14 ”. From 00:21, we are searching for "the boy who kept a creature".

"The boy who has kept a creature" is a word that is considered a word that should not be searched for with a risk level of 5 .

There is no such word as a boy keeping a pet. After all, he is a boy who " tame" a creature .

In this article, we will talk about "The boy who kept animals".

  • Risk/genre
  • what the search hits
  • what kind of video
  • why this happened

Let's take a closer look at these.

[Browsing attention] What is a boy who has kept a creature?

"The boy who kept a living creature" is a video showing a large amount of maggots on the temple of a boy, and the situation is shown in close-up .

In the middle of the video, the maggots start to move violently, which is very grotesque.

So why did this boy have maggots on his temples?

Why did maggots spring up in my temples?

It is not clear why the boy in the video had maggots on his temples .

However, there are two theories as to why the boy ended up feeding maggots.

One reason is illness, another is treatment .

If you are sick, you can understand why, but why do you need to keep a large amount of maggots in your temples for treatment?

Also, is there really a cure using maggots?

Do you dare use maggots to treat illness?

There is a cure using maggots.

The treatment is called maggot therapy , which uses maggots to remove necrotic and gangrene cells.

The maggots used are of a breed bred for therapeutic purposes and do not remove normal cells.

Since it removes only necrotic and gangrene cells, it has the advantage of minimizing the treatment area.

Since the shooting location of the video looks like a hospital, it is speculated that the boy is being treated with maggot therapy.

However, the video shows the boy's temple up close, and the background cannot be clearly seen.

Therefore, it seems that some people think that the shooting location is not the hospital but the home.

In addition, maggot therapy adjusts the number of maggots to facilitate their growth and activity.

However, since the maggots shown in the video are so large and dense, some people say that there are too many maggots for treatment .

Is it a small pimple?


Illness is another possible reason why the boy got maggots.

The disease in which maggots infect humans is called cutaneous myiasis .

It is said that the reason why the boy got maggots was because of a small pimple.

Wound mycosis is caused by flies laying eggs in wounds, and when the eggs hatch, maggots develop.

In addition, eggs may be laid not only in wounds but also in the mouth, nose, eyeballs, etc.

For this reason, there are opinions such as ``The boy had eggs laid on acne'' and ``The eggs were laid on the wound and the maggots were small and looked like acne immediately after hatching.''

If it is wound mycosis, the flies lay 50 to 150 eggs at a time , which would also explain the large, dense maggots on the boy's small temples.

what happened after that?

If you had maggots for treatment, they should have been removed at the hospital after that, and you should have received proper treatment after that.

Also, if he was ill, the boy would be fine if he received proper treatment at the hospital afterwards.

However, it is not known what happened to the boy after that.

A boy who has kept a creature is a "word that should not be searched"

"The boy who kept a creature" is a close-up video of a boy with a large amount of maggots on his temple.

From the middle of the video, the large amount of maggots wriggle violently.

Because the appearance is very grotesque , 'a boy who has kept a creature' is one of 'words that should not be searched'.

How to watch a video of a boy who has a pet animal?

"The boy who has kept a creature" is one of "words that should not be searched".

Many of the videos and images related to "words that should not be searched" are so extreme that they are often deleted and can no longer be viewed .

Then, is it difficult to watch the video of "The boy who kept a living thing"?

Search and you'll find it!

"The Boy Who Got a Creature" is a grotesque video.

But unlike other "words you shouldn't search for" that include murder or assault, what you see is a bug .

Perhaps for that reason, if you do a search for "the boy who kept a creature", you can find the video immediately.

Read at your own risk!

If you search for videos of "the boy who kept a creature", you will find it immediately.

However, it does not mean that "just because you can watch videos without deleting them, you can watch them with peace of mind".

You may regret watching it.

Therefore, if you watch the video, please understand that it is at your own risk.

What is acrophobia?

Many people would be horrified by the appearance of a large number of maggots in "The Boy Who Has Petted Creatures."

The maggots are simply disgusting, but the grotesque level is jumping up due to the large amount of maggots.

Therefore , people with agoraphobia will find it a very difficult video.

So, what exactly is the collective phobia that we often hear about?

What causes it?

Agoraphobia is, as the name suggests, a fear of gatherings of something .

It seems that people with strong symptoms may also feel fear of polka dots, strawberries and melon seeds.

This is not just a personality trait or weakness, it is a disease .

People with acrophobia may experience autonomic symptoms such as intense motives and fainting by feeling fear of aggregates.

As a result, it can become a hindrance to daily life.

The mechanism of how phobias develop is not well understood.

However, one hypothesis is that the instinct to detect danger is the cause .

People can see colorful spotted mushrooms and judge that they look like poisonous mushrooms, or they can grasp the danger of a large number of bees gathering.

It seems that it is thought that "Is it possible to become a collective phobia by overreacting this reaction?"

What are the characteristics of susceptible people?

Agoraphobia is sometimes thought to be caused by an instinct to perceive danger.

For this reason, some people seem to think that people who are prone to anxiety and fear have many opportunities to sense danger, so they are more likely to develop agoraphobia .

What is the treatment?

There are two main types of treatment for phobias: cognitive and behavioral.

A phobia causes excessive fear of things that should not be feared.

The cognitive approach is a method that aims to overcome phobias by correcting the way you think about things that you don't really need to be afraid of.

The behavioral approach is to get in touch with the object of fear little by little and overcome it by gradually getting used to it .

The reading attention level of "the boy who has kept a creature" is high


"The boy who kept a creature" was a video of a boy who had a maggot on his temple.

The contents are very grotesque and the reading attention level is high .

I don't know why the boy got the maggot, and I don't know what happened after that.

I just hope that he is getting the proper treatment and that he is recovering.

There are other "words you shouldn't search for" related to living creatures and human bodies, such as "the boy who kept a living creature".

Therefore, it would be good to explore other languages ​​as well.