openload is closed? 8 sites to replace openload are recommended!

Updated on 2022-10-09
This article recommends sites where you can play videos for free as an alternative to "openload". Please use this site with absolute safety and peace of mind.

openload" is one of the largest file-sharing sites in the world. Various movies and pornographic videos were illegally uploaded and used by many users around the world. Users could play movies for free and easily download pornographic videos and store them on their computers and smartphones using tools such as Chrome's browser extension "Video Getter" and Firefox's "Developer Tools". However, they were shut down in 2019.

In this article, we recommend an alternative to "openload" that allows you to play videos for free.

[What kind of site is "openload"?

== ==

openload is the world's largest free file-sharing site.

If the uploaded file is a "video", you can stream it directly from the site, which is quite convenient. In addition, videos on "openload" can be easily downloaded, which shows the "ease of use of foreign illegal sites".

Now closed] openload is not available.

openloadmovies and OPENLOAD.PRO are completely different sites

When you search for "openload," sites such as "openloadmovies" and "" appear at the top of the search results. However, these video sites have nothing to do with "openload" and are not sister sites. Please note that these sites contain a very large number of advertisements.

Alternative free sites to openload

Many videos and movies are uploaded illegally and are often removed quickly.

It is not impossible to watch them, but basically, videos on free sites carry the risk of illegality and virus infection.

We will explain the dangers and illegality of these sites and introduce alternative free sites.

Free sites as an alternative to openload]

== == is a free video site created in 2018 where you can watch mainly Japanese anime. It has many popular anime and also handles the latest releases. Some of them are available the day after they are updated, and they seem to be quite extensive.

The site seems to be very safe, with no symptoms of virus infection. Just be careful not to click on any other links on the site.

Free site instead of openload] anitube-site

== ==

ANITUBE-SITE is said to be the successor site of ANITUBE, which was created after ANITUBE was closed down. The site is full of the latest animations, but like anitube, it is a site with a high possibility of virus infection.

There is a risk of triggering a virus by clicking on the contents posted on the site or on the advertisements that appear without your permission when you open the site. It is not known if you can be infected with a virus just by watching the animations, but the possibility is not low.

Free sites instead of openload] Kiss Anime

== == Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime allows you to watch not only new animations, but also old animations. Also, you can watch not only anime but also movies and dramas.

You may see a few ads before watching a video, but you can just close them without clicking on them. You will see a warning message that you are infected with a virus, which will scare you, but ignore it because it is an excuse to get you to install it.

Free alternative to openload] Anime Freak

== == Anime Freak is a free website that offers free anime videos.

Anime Freak allows you to watch the latest anime in full HD. You can also watch foreign anime with subtitles, so you can easily enjoy anime you have never seen before. However, the number of works is not abundant, so there is a possibility that you may not be able to watch the anime you want to watch.

Compared to other sites, there are fewer advertisements, so there may be less risk of accidental clicks.

Alternative free site to openload] anime-planet

Anime-planet is a well-known overseas site with over 45,000 videos available. You can watch not only popular foreign and Japanese anime but also comics.

There are few advertisements, so you can watch with relative peace of mind.

Drama Style is a free alternative to openload.

As the name suggests, Drama Style offers mainly dramas and a few movies. There are few newest dramas, but many older ones are available. Many of them allow you to watch full episodes of the drama you want to watch.

Since the site integrates various sites such as FC2 and Dailymotion, some of them may be dangerous. If you are concerned about it, you should check if it is not dangerous before watching.

Alternative free site to openload] is a Korean video sharing site, like a Korean version of YouTube. Comedy, sports, music, etc. are available, but dramas and animations may be deleted just like YouTube, so you may not be able to watch what you expect.

The site itself is operated correctly, so there is nothing illegal and the risk of virus infection is low, but be careful when external links are posted.

[Free sites instead of openload] Free movie sites.

== Free Movie Site

A free movie site boasting an overwhelming number of registered movies. It is updated quickly, and new movies are sometimes registered. It is easy to use because it is easy to find movies you want to watch and you can watch movies without interrupting advertisements.

The site has few advertisements and is easy to view.


In this article, we have introduced free video sites that can replace [2022] openload. All sites are verified and absolutely safe.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment.