2022 Latest] Survey on the Current State of Free Manga Piracy Sites! In order of popularity!

Updated on 2022-11-14
I want to know what to look out for on pirate manga sites." "I don't know if pirate manga sites are closed or not." So, in this issue, we will thoroughly investigate the status of closure of pirated manga sites and what precautions to take.

'I need to know what to look out for on pirate comic sites.'

I don't know if pirate manga sites are closed or not.

So, in this article, we will thoroughly investigate the status of closure of pirated manga sites and what precautions should be taken.

Free Pirated Manga Sites

Myreadingmanga (closed)

myreadingmanga ( myreadingmanga.info) is a free manga piracy site that mainly publishes BL (Boys' Love), YAOI, and BARA manga.

Unfortunately, it is now closed.

Combay (closed)

" combay " is a free manga piracy site that opened in November 2021.

The design of the site is very simple, with the "Manga Combay" logo in the upper left corner, the words "Web Comics" in the middle, followed by a search field, but by looking up manga in the search field, many manga can be read for free. It is believed to be the successor to the previously established illegal manga site "Manga Bank".

Unfortunately, it is now closed.

WeLoveManga (which continues to operate)

It seems that there was a phenomenon that WeLoveManga could not be viewed or displayed, but now it is available again.

Various illegal manga sites exist, and they are repeatedly closed and revived.

There is a high possibility that you may suddenly not be able to view or display the site, but since it was originally a free manga pirate site, it can't be helped.

Official website: https://welovemanga.one/

Fbay (closed)

Fbay " is a successor manga free piracy site created after "Manga Bank" was closed.

However, since "Fbay" has already been closed, a successor site is now available!

The design of the site is almost the same as "Manga Bank", so it is said that only the name of the site and the administrator have changed.

Unfortunately, the site is now closed.

Erocool (closed)

erocool is a free erotic manga pirate site where you can view erotic manga for free. However, erocool has been closed and unavailable since February 2021.

LoveHeaven (closed)

LoveHeaven, like lovehug, was closed for a time as a manga free piracy site because it posted manga without the permission of the rights holders.

Rawdevart (continued operation)

Rawdevart is an illegal website where you can read manga for free. And on Rawdevart, you cannot read famous manga. If anything, you can read many comic book editions based on web novels and light novels.

Official website: https://rawdevart.com/

Manga RAW (continued operation)

Mangaraw ( 漫画RAW・Mangaraw) is a website where you can read manga for free.

Mangaraw.com has already been closed.

It is one of the alternative and successor sites to Mangamura and Mangabank.

As of September 2022, the Mangaraw (manga1000.com) site is closed, but will reopen with the latest Mangaraw URL.

Official website: https://j8jp.com/

Manga PLAY (closed)


Manga PLAY is the next free site after Manga Bank, COMBAY, and F-BAY. Like previous free sites, it is a pirate site where you can read manga for free.

Unfortunately, it is now closed.

mangagohan (closed)


There are rumors that mangagohan ( manga rice) is the successor site to the previously operated pirate manga site "Manga RAW. However, upon further investigation, it appears to be unrelated.

Risks and Dangers of Free Manga Piracy

To begin with, operating a piracy site like Manga Bank is illegal. It may also be subject to penalties.

As an example, on September 24, 2019, the operator of a pirate site called "Mangamura" was arrested.

On June 2, 2021, he was convicted by the Fukuoka District Court of three years in prison, a fine of 10 million yen, and an additional fine of approximately 62.57 million yen.

Nevertheless, pirate sites continue to operate because they can earn large amounts of income from advertising and other sources.

If you use pirate sites because you can read for free, there are the following dangers.

Dangers of pirate sites

  1. Virus infection
  2. Leading to malicious sites
  3. Leakage of personal information
  4. Drain of battery and capacity

This section describes the dangers of each of these pirate sites.

1. danger of virus infection

Simply accessing a pirated site can cause your computer or smartphone to become infected with a virus and break.

As a result, you may have to pay for repairs, which in some cases may end up costing more than buying the comic. It is safer to use official sites than pirate sites.

2. risk of being directed to malicious sites

Pirate sites display a large number of advertisements.

Simply clicking on those ads may result in a request for money for some reason.

3. leakage of personal information

Membership registration screens appear frequently on pirate sites, but becoming a member of a pirate site is extremely risky.

In many cases, pirate sites misuse the personal information obtained through membership registration.

For example, there is a risk that your credit card information will be misused without your knowledge, resulting in unaccounted-for expenses.

Social networking accounts are no exception.

Battery and point drain

Simply accessing pirated sites can drain a significant amount of battery and data space.

This is because some pirate sites contain scripts that generate virtual currency on their own just by accessing them.

Generating virtual currency consumes a large amount of battery and data space.

As a result, there are cases where CPU usage reaches 100% and the device stops working or the battery runs out.