Is LAXD a Dangerous Site? Check the difference from FC2 and review whether it is safe or not!

Updated on 2023-06-30
In recent years, there are various video posting sites such as YouTube and TikTok. Do you know a site called "LAXD" among them? In this article, we will introduce what kind of site LAXD is, along with user reviews about safety and relevance to FC2.

In recent years, there are various video posting sites such as YouTube and TikTok.

Do you know a site called "LAXD" among them?

In this article, we will introduce what kind of site LAXD is, along with user reviews about safety and relevance to FC2.

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Thorough verification whether LAXD is a dangerous site!

Let's take a look at what you're most concerned about, whether LAXD is a dangerous site in the first place.

We will verify from the information of the company that operates LAXD and the reviews of users using LAXD.

LAXD is not dangerous!

In conclusion, do n't think LAXD is a dangerous site for now.

First of all, the site called LAXD is classified as a video content market.

Certainly, it is true that it deals with adult genres because it is related to FC2 (I will tell you more about it later), but the site itself is dangerous and can be infected with viruses, stolen personal information, etc. It is considered that there is no risk of

However, the possibility that there are videos that violate the child pornography law in adult content is not 0, so it cannot be said that it is absolutely safe (violating the law may result in criminal punishment ).

Also, since LAXD itself is a content market site, it is also possible to purchase video content sold on the site and download it to your own device.

What kind of site is introduced on the official site?

What kind of content is written on the homepage of the LAXD official website?

Looking at the company information on the homepage, the operating company is located in California, USA.

It has been around since 2011, so it has a history of about 10 years, but I didn't see any specific description of the business introduction.

Also, since there is no explanation on how to use the site on the homepage, people who visit for the first time without using FC2 may be puzzled by the operation.

There are no reviews that say it is dangerous.

Let's also look at the reviews of users who use LAXD.

There are not many voices saying that the site is dangerous, and it is thought that there will be no problems if used safely.

Here are some tweets from Twitter users about LAXD.

On Twitter, there are many voices saying, "It's a site migrated from FC2, and the usage is similar, and the points can be linked, so you can use it without problems."

There are also reviews that have been monetized!

LAXD is a video content market, so you can earn money by selling your own work.

On Twitter, there are also reviews saying that they were able to actually make money selling video content on LAXD.

Of course, it is possible to earn profit by selling in FC2.

What is the difference between LAXD and FC2? Introducing how to use it!

As the title says, let's take a look at the differences between LAXD and FC2.

The big difference lies in how the posted video content is distributed.

LAXD does not require performers to present ID cards or filming/sales permits!

First of all, in order to post (sell) video content on FC2, it is necessary to present the performer's ID card and filming/selling permit.

However, LAXD allows submissions without such indication.

Are there any works that violate child pornography laws?

When I hear that "I handle adult content", I'm sure that there is video content that violates the child pornography law.

I can't say with 100% certainty, but it's safe to assume that it doesn't exist.

However, downloading video content that violates the child pornography law is a violation, so be careful not to download child pornography videos even if you find them on the site.

FC2 videos have been migrated to LAXD!

As mentioned above, when posting to FC2, it is necessary to present an ID card or a permit.

However, there are some contributors (contractors) who do not present them, and the flow is that video content that does not present is being distributed on LAXD.

Content posted on FC2 is also linked to LAXD, but it can be considered that content that does not meet the FC2 regulations (presentation) can be viewed on LAXD.

The two specifications are almost the same!

Since the operation method is the same as FC2, it is considered that the safety and usage of the LAXD site is not much different from FC2.

People familiar with FC2 will be able to use LAXD without much hesitation.

Basically, it is the same as shopping, and the flow is to purchase and browse the content sold in the LAXD market, so even first-timers can use it in the same way as an EC site.

(adult content has admission restrictions)

Why was LAXD created?

Why was LAXD made similar to FC2?

I don't know exactly why, but I think it's for image recovery.

There have been several cases of people being arrested for posting uncensored and obscene videos on FC2.

Therefore, some people have the image that "FC2 is an illegal adult site that has arrested people."

Since it is difficult to overturn the image once created, it seems that the intention is to establish the image of a clean site by continuing FC2 and operating a new site called LAXD.

What's next for LAXD and FC2?

In this article, I explained the safety of LAXD and its relevance to FC2.

Since FC2 uses the same video content and management method, the usage of the site is similar, so it is possible that the number of users will increase in the future.

Currently, there is little danger, and it seems that people who have used FC2 can use it smoothly.

Please be careful about violating child pornography laws.

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