3D Avatar Creation with ZEPETO! How to use and enjoy!

Updated on 2023-06-30
"ZEPETO" is an app that allows you to play games and interact with 3D avatars that look exactly like you. It is not a dangerous app, but you should be careful about DMs and other interactions. Here are the details of the app, how to use it, and how to play with it Simple and easy to play.

"What is ZEPETO? "

"I don't know how to use it."

Do you have questions like these?

ZEPETO is an application that allows you to create and enjoy 3D avatars.
It has become a hot topic on SNS and is gaining popularity, especially among the younger generation.

However, there must be many people who would like to use it but do not know what kind of app it is or have never used it before.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain what kind of application ZEPETO is and how to use it.
We hope that this article will give you an opportunity to start using ZEPETO.

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1. what is ZEPETO?

ZEPETO is an application that allows you to create and enjoy 3D avatars.
It is equipped with a face recognition function, allowing you to create avatars that look exactly like you.

You can also freely create your own avatar, so you can create an avatar that is completely different from you.

In addition, there are functions to coordinate the avatar's clothes, change the interior of the room, and take pictures of the avatar within the application, along with live-action photos.

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2. how to use ZEPETO

After installing ZEPETO, first create an avatar.
Then, coordinate your clothes and change the interior.

Since the basic usage is as described above, we will explain the above three basic operations here.

2-1. creating an avatar

Creating an avatar is nothing difficult.

First, when you open the application, a screen for selecting a gender will appear.
After selecting the gender, take a picture and an avatar will be created.
Next, give it a name.

After that, you can adjust each part of the avatar by yourself based on the created avatar.
You can change the eyes, nose, mouth, hairstyle, and various other parts to your liking, and you can also apply makeup by tapping the blue symbol in the lower right corner.

When you have completed your favorite avatar, tap the check mark in the upper right corner.

If you do not like any part of your avatar, you can change it later.
Tap "Face" on the right side of the home screen, and you will see a screen for creating parts, which you can then change.

2-2. changing avatar

Next, we will explain how to change the avatar.

First, tap the "Fashion" clothing symbol on the home screen.
Tap the "Fashion" clothing symbol on the home screen, and you will see a large selection of clothes.
Tap the clothes you like to buy. Coordinate your avatar to your liking.

You will need coins to purchase clothes on ZEPETO.
However, coins can be easily obtained in-game, so there is no need to worry about paying for them.
**Coins will be explained later.

2-3. Changing the interior

The next step is to change the interior design.

First, tap the "Interior" icon of the sofa on the home screen.
Then, the interior change screen will appear. Tap the "+" button, and the interior will appear below.

Create your original space by setting up interiors as you like.
Up to six interiors can be set up.

Also, some interiors have a key mark, but you can use them by watching the advertisement video.

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3. how to play zepeto

There are many ways to play ZEPETO.
Here we will explain three of them: "shoot avatars," "collect coins," and "create emoticons.

3-1. Shooting avatars

The most attractive feature of ZEPETO is the ability to shoot avatars.

To shoot, tap the "+" symbol at the bottom of the home screen to display the menu, then tap "Photo Booth.

Next, select the photo booth you want to shoot and choose an avatar to shoot with.
You can select avatars of users you follow on ZEPETO.

Finally, decide on the number of avatars and tap "Done" in the upper right corner to take the photo, or tap "Save" in the lower left corner to save the photo to your device.
Also, tap "Background Photo" and select a photo from the album to composite the avatar with the live-action photo.

As for the procedure, tap the "+" mark on the home screen and select "Take Photo" to take a picture while the home screen remains.
At that time, press the face symbol at the top to reflect facial expressions with face recognition.

3-2. Collecting Coins

Next, we will explain how to collect coins.

Coins are necessary to purchase clothes, interior design, and hairstyles in the application.
There are three ways to obtain coins for free.


Tap the game symbol at the bottom of the screen to see the daily "Quests".
Tap "Start" and multiple quests will appear, and you can get coins by completing all of them.


As with the quests, tapping the game button will take you to the game screen.
Then, mini-games such as Spin and Scratch will appear below the daily quests.

If you win the scratch, you will get about 500-1000 coins, and if you miss, you will get about 10 coins.

Login Bonus

Once a day, a blue box will appear on the home screen.
Tap the blue box to start the slot and receive coins.

In addition to the above methods, coins can also be obtained by paying the following charges.

3,900 coins 120 Yen
13,900 coins 360 yen
19,900 coins 480 yen
48,400 coins 1,300 yen
259,400 coins 7,400 yen
450,900 coins 11,800 yen

3-3. creating pictograms

Next, we will explain how to create pictograms.

On ZEPETO, you can create pictograms using your avatar.
To create a pictogram, first go to your profile by tapping the human-shaped icon in the lower right corner.

Next, select "Emoji" > "Create Emoji".
Then select the avatar's expression, background, text, and stamp, in that order, and tap the check mark in the upper right corner to save.

You can also tap your favorite pictogram from the list of pictograms to save it or share it on other SNS.

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ZEPETO is an application that allows you to create and enjoy your own avatar.
It is easy to use, so please refer to this article to create your own avatar.

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