What is Jpopmix? Safety and how to use it!

Updated on 2023-02-07
jpopmix is an overseas site where you can download J-Pop songs in MP3 or FLAC format for free, with the latest J-Pop songs and rankings updated daily. However, since it is an overseas site, those who are not good at English may not understand how to use it. This article explains how to use jpopmix. It also introduces alternative sites in case jpopmix is not available.

jpopmix is an overseas site where you can download J-Pop songs in MP3 or FLAC format for free, with the latest J-Pop songs and rankings updated daily.

However, since it is an overseas site, those who are not good at English may not understand how to use it. This article explains how to use jpopmix. It also introduces alternative sites in case jpopmix is not available.

Downloading jpopmix files

jpopmix's official site to access the site.

Search by song title, artist name, or album name in the search box.

Click on the song you want to download.

At the bottom of the detail page, downloadable file formats and available storage services will be displayed.

Click on the "download mp3" button.

Unzip the file

- Once downloaded, the RAR file must be unzipped with a decompression software such as 7-zip, Bandizip, Winrar, etc.

- A password is required to unzip the RAR file. Please enter the following password to unzip the file.


  • Password: jpopmix


Similar sites to jpopmix

Before that, torrents have a high risk of prosecution and arrest for virus hacks and leakage of downloaded files through interception of communications, due to the system's full visibility of IP addresses. If possible, use a connection anonymity service such as NORDVPN to increase security and anonymity.


Using a VPN allows communication through an overseas server, which can [hide the IP address (address on the Internet) of the person who downloaded the file] and [prevent hackers].

NORDVPN comes with 1TB of cloud storage and a password management app for about 610 yen, and a 30-day free trial is currently available for a limited time.

It is also compatible with both PCs and smartphones, so you can use it without any problems.

Now you can download torrents with no worries.

Similar sites to jpopmix:nyaa.si

This site is an alternative to "Nyaa Torrents" and is currently the most major site.

It has the largest number of contents for Japan, and the key point is that it is well versed in almost all genres such as [anime, manga, images, games, software, music, photo collections, movies]. There is a clean and intuitive web page that allows you to quickly look up the necessary information (type, name, size, etc.) for each file.

To find the JPOP you want, you can either search directly for the music or artist name in the search bar, or use the filters next to the search box to narrow the results down to a specific category. everything on Nyaa is available in torrent format, and you can download Japanese music from the torrent client You can download torrents of Japanese music from our torrent client. No registration is required.

Updates are fast, so you can download the latest content. There are many files, so it may be most efficient to search here first, and if you don't find what you are looking for, look elsewhere.

Similar sites to jpopmix:The Pirate Bay


The world's largest torrent site [Pirate Bay] is another good source for finding photo collections.

The site has been around for quite a long time, but it is simple and easy to use. However, since it is basically an English site, there are few files that can be viewed in Japanese, and the search is in English, so it is a little troublesome to have to change idols and grads to English names.

The Pirate Bay is blocked in the UK, Russia, and other countries, and may be subject to blocking in Japan in the near future.

Similar sites to jpopmix:Jenie.co


Actually, it was shut down once in the middle of 2018, but was revived with a new name "Jenie Limited". And it still exists today under the name "JENIE|Music Blog", a phoenix-like site that comes back again and again.

Basically, once a site is closed, it never comes back, and "Fresa" and "Alljpop" are good examples.

However, it is likely that this Jenie.co site will continue to exist in various forms, so bookmarking it will not be a waste of time.

The first thing that struck me while researching this site was that despite the lack of ads, the site is extremely heavy.

Each time I accessed the site, the page would load and often end up not displaying due to errors.

Personally, I thought the entire site was well organized, easy to read, and the lack of ads made it much easier to use.

Similar sites to jpopmix:JPSYNC

This is a strange site that uploads a wide range of Japanese Jpop music. The host is a "Canadian" server, but the language is "Vietnamese.

However, the overall quality of the site is high, the menu is very nicely arranged, and the site is so full of Japanese music that it is hard to believe that it is a foreign site.

There are several features of this site. First, on some of the music pages, you can view music from beginning to end. I doubt if it can even be called "viewing" any longer.

The biggest feature and "bad point" is the download specifications.

Basically, MP3 files are usually downloaded via an overseas uploader, but on this site, some songs can be downloaded directly without going through an overseas uploader.

The fact that other similar sites do not dare to implement such a feature shows the ease with which music can be downloaded at the touch of a button.

Other than that, there seems to be no drawback at first glance, but when we actually tried it this time, we found that the pop-up advertisements were very annoying and extremely heavy, probably because the servers are far from Japan.

In addition, because of the specification that allows direct one-click downloading from each song page, there is a risk of unintentional illegal downloading by accidental clicks even when only some songs are available, making this site completely unrecommendable.

Similar sites to jpopmix: FreeJpMusic.Com

More than 10,000 Jpop songs in less than a year. FreeJpMusic.Com" is a site characterized by its overwhelming update speed.

One of its main features is the large number of songs uploaded.

At its peak, 30 songs are uploaded per day, and even on New Year's Day, 9 songs are uploaded.

Some titles are uploaded the day after their release, and a wide range of music is uploaded, from the latest music to old songs from the early 2000s.

The site's structure is simple and straightforward. There are two main ways to search for songs: from the "singles/albums" category or from the search window in the upper right corner of the site.

As the site name "FreeJpMusic.Com" indicates, the site uploads mainly Japanese music, and the search window can be searched in Japanese. (See image above).

The download method is also very simple

1. click the link on the work page

2. click "Get link

3. download from each uploader.

These three steps complete the process.

To reduce the risk of broken links, the links are distributed to each uploader in advance, so the major point is that there are generally few broken links.

One drawback to this site is that the ads are a bit conspicuous. In particular, I personally found the tracking ads in the lower left corner to be a bit annoying. (However, this level of advertising is acceptable, as it is not an offensive display.)

Also, the structure of the site is such that 20 articles are displayed vertically in one column, so scrolling is a bit cumbersome.

Another thing, which is not strictly a drawback, is that the music uploaded to this site is available in two versions: a high-resolution "high-definition" version based on sound sources extracted from FLAC or BDs, and a "normal" version based on compressed CD/DVD sources for easy download. sound sources extracted from FLAC or BDs based "high-resolution" versions, and "normal" versions that can be easily downloaded by compressing CDs or DVDs.

Therefore, the number of Jpop songs listed is 11,600, but please note that some of the songs are duplicates.

Similar sites to jpopmix:Jpopblog.com

Jpopblog.com features J-Pop albums, music videos, movies, TV shows, and magazines for J-Pop culture lovers.

Keep up with the latest J-Pop trends with a regular update frequency of 27 (average) posts per day.One of the drawbacks of Jpopblog is that there is no search button and you have to check the posts to find the file you need. However, you can download as much JPop music as you like in high quality from this site for free.

Similar sites to jpopmix:Jp-Rock

This is where you can find absolute classic albums of Japanese pop & rock bands from the 80s, 90s, 00s, and some recent years.

Still, the music database is relatively small, and you can directly check the archive blog at the bottom right of the home page to view all updated albums. In addition, we offer MP3 downloads of Japanese songs in various bitrates, and you can download complete Japanese music albums directly from here.

Similar sites to jpopmix: Tokyo Toshokan

TokyoToshokan, a torrent site used by many Japanese, has a large collection of Japanese photo albums.

Although the site is written in English, it is easy to use for former NyaaTorrent users because you can search for videos in Japanese.

To download a photo book from "TokyoToshokan," simply click on the item you have searched for and the file will be downloaded to the lower left corner of your computer screen. Double-click on it to unzip it and install it on your computer.

Risks Involved in Using J-POP Torrents

Torrents are file-sharing systems that allow you to download large files at high speed over the Internet. torrents allow you to download large files, so you can download music, movies, TV shows, games, etc. However, Torrent is not the only way to download files.

However, there are risks associated with using Torrent. Here are some of them

Malware Risk

Files you download using Torrents may, in some cases, be planted with malware. This can infect your computer or smartphone, putting you at risk of losing personal information and property.

Risk of Illegal Content

Using Torrents allows you to download content that has been uploaded illegally. This puts you at risk of being charged with copyright infringement or unauthorized access.

Privacy Risks

By using Torrents, there is a risk that your personal information may be exposed; using Torrents allows other users to know your IP address and the content you have downloaded.

Risk of Slowdown

Using Torrents may cause your Internet connection to slow down. This is because using Torrents involves sending and receiving large amounts of data, which puts pressure on your Internet connection.

It is important to fully understand the above risks and take appropriate measures when using Torrents. Also, when using Torrents, always make sure that they are legal before downloading.

In more detail, here are some measures you should take when using Torrents.

VPN is the only way to avoid the risks of using J-POP torrents

Anti-malware: Before using Torrents, make sure you have the latest security software installed and enabled on your computer or smartphone at all times to prevent malware from entering your system. You can also scan files you download to see if they contain malware.

To protect your privacy, you can use an anonymous proxy or VPN to hide your personal information when using Torrent. Also, refrain from sharing files containing personal information via Torrent.

The recommended VPN for torrents and foreign sites is NORDVPN!

However, there are hundreds of VPN companies in Japan and abroad, and many people may be wondering what criteria they should use to choose the best VPN.

I personally tried various VPNs and I recommend NORDVPN for torrent use.

  • Torrents are officially allowed.
  • Specialized service for Torrents
  • No logs or history are kept.
  • Strong security
  • Low fees and refund policy

One of the few VPNs that officially allows Torrents

In fact, many VPN companies prohibit the use of torrents when connecting to a VPN!

NORDVPN, the official Torrent Specialist, is a very valuable service that allows you to download torrents faster!


Unlike other VPNs, this VPN is specialized for torrents, so it is the best VPN for those who mainly use torrents.

Also, the connection speed tends to be slow when downloading torrents, but by switching to Socks5 proxy, you can use the VPN for torrents and your normal Internet connection for browsing, thus reducing the load and making your Internet connection feel less slow! Socks5 proxy is a very useful tool to reduce the load on the Internet connection.


Security measures for smartphones, tablets, and PCs

    Security measures for smartphones, tablets, and PCs

NORDVPN is a security measure for network connections.

In fact, NORDVPN supports not only PCs, but also smartphones and tablets.

Recently, there has been an increase in smartphone hacking using free WIFI, but this can be prevented with PC security measures that virus software cannot prevent. Of course, no additional fees are required!

It's like having security software for your smartphone as a bonus!

No history or logs are left behind

It is also important to note that the server you use clearly states that [no logs or history will be left behind].

NORDVPN operates in Panama, where there are no laws that store user history, etc. Therefore, even if you accidentally download copyrighted material from a Torrent site, the data cannot be traced and you can avoid lawsuits and large fines.

Of course, we can't tolerate piracy of videos or music, but [we can now use Torrents with peace of mind], and we're glad we used it!

One month free trial with 100% money back guarantee for any reason.

Also, the monthly fee is low despite the high quality of the service.

ExpressVPN, a well-known VPN, is the cheapest at $8.32 (about $900), while NORDVPN is about 610 yen with 1TB of cloud storage and a password management app. The difference is almost half the price, so there is no monthly cost. NORDVPN is the cheapest.


 1 month plan

1 month plan

6 month plan

1 Year Plan

2 Year Plan


1,800 yen/month

1300 yen/month

900 yen/month


1370 yen/month

NORDVPN   $800/month

800 yen/month

610 yen/month

 Monthly fee is 610 yen.

In addition, the 100% guarantee for 30 days is included, so if you don't like it or it doesn't work well in your environment, for whatever reason, the money-back guarantee applies, so I personally appreciated the low registration hurdle.


So far, we have summarized "how to use jpopmix and similar sites! I have summarized them, but due to the fact that these sites go through foreign uploaders, in order to avoid linking to NORDVPN is recommended.