Learn how to download porn videos from JAVtube!

Updated on 2023-06-30
JAVtube is a free adult video site that is getting a lot of attention lately. In this article, we will show you how to safely download erotic videos from JAVtube.

JAVtube is one of the hottest adult video websites on the web.

You can find various high quality video clips such as full length adult videos, uncensored videos, and foreign video clips. Even though it is an overseas site, there is a convenient feature that allows you to search for Japanese actresses by name in Japanese.

With over 10,000 high quality videos, you can check out a variety of works, from the latest uploaded this month to legendary videos from the past, and you will not be able to decide which one to watch.

In this article, we will show you how to safely download erotic videos from JAVtube.

Safety of JAVtube

There is nothing wrong with JAVtube for normal use.

However, there are a few things you should be aware of. This is true for any site, not just JAVtube, so be careful.

Install an ad blocker

One way to use JAVtube is to install an ad blocker.

Free adult sites such as JAVtube are designed to generate revenue by placing advertisements on the site.

In addition, ads may appear above the video playback button or from the top of the page, which may interfere with the video viewing experience.

So, it is a good idea to install an ad blocker and prevent ads from being displayed.

Beware of Fictitious Billing

Be careful of fictitious billing on adult video sites such as JAVtube.

In recent years, there has been an increase in one-click scams, which occur by clicking on links on the site, and fictitious billing victims who are asked to pay adult site usage fees or overdue china payments.

Many people contact these people because they feel guilty that they have watched adult videos. Once you contact them, you may end up being charged a hefty amount.

If you receive an unfamiliar bill, such as a fictitious bill, you can basically ignore it. In fact, it can be dangerous to contact them.

Avoid downloading on JAVtube sites as much as possible

JAVtube can be downloaded from download sites and applications like ALL-IN-ONE and Nico Nico Douga.

However, you must remember that downloading videos means that there is a possibility of virus infection.

Therefore, we would like to introduce a 100% safe and secure way to download JAVtube videos.

The safest way to download JAVtube videos

It can be tiring to browse through many video downloaders and find the ones that do or do not offer HD resolution or have other glitches. So, here is the best solution to download your favorite JAVtube videos. In the following we will explain in detail how to download JAVtube videos with StreamFab Downloader.

Step 1: Install the software

Click the "Free Download" button below to download the installer. No other complicated operations are required, the installation wizard will appear automatically after a short wait. Click "Quick Install" on the installation screen and follow the wizard to install the software!

Step 2: Activate the license (can be skipped if you do not have an account).

After installation, launch the software. Before you can use the downloader functions, you have to enter your streamfab account and password to authenticate your license.

Step 3: Enter the link

The software supports automatic detection of JAVtube video streams, so you can paste the URL and open the video page to load the source video. Here are two methods.

Method One

Launch the software and enter the home screen. Home has a dedicated address bar. Paste the pre-copied URL of the JAVtube site into the address bar and click the search icon to open the link in the built-in browser.

After entering jp JAVtube site, you can select from various genres of adult videos. Click on your favorite av video to enter the video page.

Method Two

Leave the downloader running. Then, copy the URL of your favorite JAVtube video and return to the home screen of the software. once the JAVtube video link is automatically detected, the "Paste URL to Download" screen will appear at the home.

Please note that even though Method Two is more efficient, it does not support batch downloads because you are entering the URL of a specific video, not the URL of the JAVtube video site.

Step 4: Download the video with JAVtube Downloader

Once you paste the link and enter the JAVtube video page, the video stream will be automatically detected, and you can also select the video resolution from 360P to 2160P, depending on the quality of the source video. Besides, you can also set the audio and subtitle tracks according to your preference.

Also, if you choose the JAVtube download format as video, you can download it locally as a highly compatible MP4 file. If you choose audio, the output format will be MP3.

In this case, since we will be saving JAVtube adult videos, we will set the download format to video format.

Step 5: Start downloading

Finally, press "Download" to run the JAVtube download task. You can check the download speed, remaining time and other progress information of the task in the library.

Regarding the download function, not only does it have fast processing and download speed, it also supports background downloading. Furthermore, it supports multitasking and can download up to five videos at the same time. This saves users valuable time.


JAVtube is a free adult video site that has recently become popular and is very easy to use, with over 10,000 various high-quality videos including whole adult videos, uncensored videos, and foreign videos.

Unusually for a foreign site, you can search for actresses by name in Japanese, and check out from the abundant amount of videos, from the latest movies that have just been uploaded this month to legendary videos from the past.

While JAVtube is free and safe for normal use, there are risks involved when downloading, so we recommend using the dedicated downloader streamfab.

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