Introducing what to do when you can't watch Jable.TV and safe adult VOD

Updated on 2023-06-30
Jable is the name of the site, but I will introduce what kind of site it is, whether it is safe, dangerous or illegal. It also explains what to do when you can't see the video, how to save and download it, whether you can watch it on a pirate site or TV instead, or if you need a VPN.

Jable is the name of the site, but I will introduce what kind of site it is, whether it is safe, dangerous or illegal. It also explains what to do when you can't see the video, how to save and download it, whether you can watch it on a pirate site or TV instead, or if you need a VPN.

Overview of Jable.TV

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Do you know a site called Jable? Jable is a pirated site where you can watch adult videos. There are many pirated sites in Japan where you can watch adult videos like Jable, not just Jable.

Including Jable, there are many pirated sites that can be seen in Japan today, and all of them are dangerous and illegal sites. Please consider that there is little hope of using the site safely.

Almost all pirated sites are unsafe and highly dangerous

There are multiple pirated sites such as Jable in Japan, but most of the pirated sites are completely unsafe and may be highly dangerous or illegal. Sites that are less secure, such as Jable, and more dangerous or illegal may contain viruses.

If your computer is infected with a virus, the data in your computer may be destroyed by the virus, or important data may be stolen, so please be careful.

If you visit a pirated site, it will adversely affect your computer

What kind of viruses are installed on sites such as Jable that are low in security, dangerous and illegal? Typical examples are viruses that are mined and viruses that cannot be completed on your own computer.

Sites like Jable have a high risk of being infected with viruses, so avoid visiting unsafe and highly illegal sites like Jable as much as possible. Lower your chances of viral infection.

The possibility of being mined is also greatly increased

What exactly is mining, which is highly likely to be defeated if you visit a site with low security, high risk and illegality like Jable? Mining is a very scary thing that exchanges virtual currency in a way that you do not intend.

If you visit sites such as Jable, the probability of being mined is very high, so use antivirus software when visiting sites such as Jable.

If you are using it with your family, etc., the damage may spread.

There is a risk of being mined by visiting Jable, etc., but what is more frightening is that computers connected to the same network are infected with a virus and the damage spreads.

If the damage spreads to other people, it will be difficult to deal with it. It's best not to visit sites like Jable, but if you're concerned, start up your anti-virus software and try again.

Fictitious charges are the most common damage to pirated sites

There is also the danger of being infected with a virus, but the typical damage caused by pirated sites like Jable is fictitious billing. When you try to download or save videos from pirated sites like Jable, suspicious pop-up ads appear and you are sent to a different site.

What should I do if I am redirected to the wrong site? The best solution is to close the page of the site without panicking if you are sent to a different site.

It is best to close immediately even if you are skipped to a different page

The reason why you have to close it immediately even if you are skipped to a different page is that if you click the button on that page, you may see a pop-up saying that the unexplained high bill has been confirmed. It will be a false invoice.

Fictitious billing is literally fictitious billing, so the basic principle is to ignore it. If you call the company, you will be told that the charge will be withdrawn.

It's safest to use legitimate services

You may not be able to watch videos on video sites such as Jable, but we will introduce what to do when you can't watch them, how to download and save them, and alternative sites when you can't watch Jable videos.

However, it is very dangerous to download and save Jable videos, or download and save videos from alternative sites that you cannot see. We will also introduce official services, so please use them when you want to watch adult videos.

Pirated sites where adult videos are illegally uploaded

Jable.TV is a pirated site where adult videos are illegally uploaded. Jable.TV lets you watch illegally uploaded adult videos for free, but the price is high. Don't use Jable.TV, use a legitimate service.

It's illegal to watch a video

Some people worry that it's illegal to watch Jable.TV or download and save videos, but it's not illegal to just watch. Please note that downloading and saving is a gray act.

Why can't I watch Jable.TV?

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On rare occasions, you may not be able to see the videos when you access Jable.TV. We will focus on two reasons why you cannot watch Jable.TV, so please refer to them.

Access is denied from Japan and cannot be viewed

The reason why you can't see the video is that access is denied from Japan and you can't watch it. However, there is a way to access it even from Japan. I will explain how to do this later, so please refer to it.

Illegal site may be closed

It can be said that it is the fate of a pirated site that it may be closed because it is an illegal site. Illegal sites are suddenly closed one day, so alternative sites are created by other users.

How to download (save) Jable.TV


I will introduce how to download and save Jable.TV, but there is one caveat. Please check the points carefully before trying to download or save Jable.TV.

Downloading (saving) videos is illegal

Downloading or saving videos is illegal. Even if you enjoy it for yourself, it will be illegal, so it is important to be careful not to download and save the video, so let's remember.

You can download (save) using Firefox

You can download and save videos using Firefox. People who want to download and save videos by all means can refer to it, but it is important to remember that it is illegal.

Is it illegal to watch pirated adult sites? Dangers of Jable.TV


Is it illegal to watch pirated adult sites? I will explain the dangers of Jable.TV in several points, so let's check whether pirated adult sites are illegal.

Danger (1) Leakage of personal information

Leakage of personal information is the biggest danger. If you visit a pirated site instead of a paid official service, your personal information may be leaked, so please do not use it instead of a legitimate service.

Risk ② There is a risk of being involved in fraud

If you watch videos from pirate sites instead of legitimate services, you risk getting scammed. It is recommended to use a legitimate service to reduce the risk of being involved in fraud.

Danger ③ Virus or malware infection

It also increases the risk of virus and malware infections. Those who do not want to fall victim to virus or malware infection should avoid visiting pirated sites as this is one of the scariest dangers of pirated sites.

Danger ④ Used for cryptocurrency mining

It is also more likely to be used for cryptocurrency mining. If you are mined, you will be able to exchange virtual currency without permission, so please be careful as you will suffer enormous damage.

Best antivirus software for Android

If you want to know the recommended antivirus software for Android, please take a look at the antivirus software I will introduce below and actually try to install it on Android. Protect yourself from Jable.TV.

Antivirus software ①AVAST

The first antivirus that protects you from Jable.TV is AVAST. AVAST is one of the representative antivirus software, so why not try using AVAST?

Antivirus software ② Norton

The second antivirus that will protect you from Jable.TV is Norton. Norton is also a representative virus block software, so it has a high track record and reliability. Please try using Norton.

Antivirus software ③Avira

The third antivirus software that protects against Jable.TV is Avira. Avira is also one of the antivirus software that I want people using Android to use, so please use it.

Alternatives to Jable.TV Piracy Sites

We will introduce 5 pirated sites that can replace Jable.TV, but we do not recommend visiting pirated sites that can replace Jable.TV because there are many dangers such as viruses.

Alternative site ①XVIDEOS

The first alternative to Jable.TV is XVIDEOS. XVIDEOS is a representative pirated site and has been a popular site for a long time. This is a relatively low-risk area.

Alternative site ②HPJAV

The second alternative to Jable.TV is HPJAV. HPJAV is a pirated site that has existed for a long time and has many users, so be sure to be careful when accessing it.

Alternative site ③ Tokyo Porn Tube

A third alternative to Jable.TV is Tokyo Porn Tube. Tokyo Porn Tube is also a famous site, so it can be counted as one of the pirate sites with a lot of users.

Alternative site ④YouAV

A fourth alternative to Jable.TV is YouAV. YouAV, which is also called YouTube behind the scenes, is said to be a pirated site with relatively low risk of virus infection.

Alternative site ⑤ Javmix.TV

The fifth alternative to Jable.TV is Javmix.TV. Javmix.TV is one of the most illegal video sites where full-length adult videos are uploaded.


If you try to watch videos on pirated sites, the risk of virus infection increases, so we do not recommend using them. If you want to enjoy video works, use a regular video service and enjoy it.

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