What is Imhentai, how to use it and what do you think of it?

Updated on 2022-09-22
What is imhentai, how to use it, and what are your thoughts on it.

IMHentai!!! Okay, guys, listen up. You sex starved wankers are always begging for new sites. You guys are like pigs who want hentai women with big tits. And you will keep offering them. This time it is about doujinshi. There's a Japanese perverted book about bitchy women being creepy and more creepy ...... You know, the one called "The Bitchy Women Are Kinky and More Kinky. I'm a video guy when it comes to pornography, but doujinshi is great. The Japanese have a way of making the weirdest scenarios fucking hot. A cowgirl getting milked by a machine? Is that even possible?

But all the other doujinshi sites are garbage. But many other doujinshi sites are filled with hundreds of ads, lousy scans of cartoons, or drawings by artists who haven't seen a naked woman since their mothers sucked their nipples. But don't worry. This site isn't ruined by ads or content.

IMHentai: full-length doujinshi and sophisticated site design

Imhentai.com is a free doujinshi/hentai manga site with a huge collection of full-length doujinshi. The site is a newcomer to the porn scene. It only started attracting traffic a few months ago. Within those few months, it was getting over 100,000 views per month. For a new site, these numbers are nothing to scoff at. Some crappy sites may not even top that many and they have been around since 1995. However, I bet my ass that this site will be BIG. Let me tell you why.
First of all, it has a dark theme. I always say this, but it's especially important for a site where you have to read the pictures and move your dick around. The entire site is, in fact, slick as shit. There are no ads to see. No annoying banners, pop-ups, redirects, or any of that crap. It's all black with red accents, and it's all Japanese in black and red lingerie. You have to get a ticket back to that place. It's full of hot babes.

IMHentai: fapping to hundreds of thousands of uploads

You'll see a short, simple header above, with options for "Random, Tags, Parody, Artist, Character, and Group." Nothing unnecessary as you can see here. Just the options you need to browse the site. There is also an option for login. It was a bit fiddly; I had to sign in to the site to get in. When trying to sign up it gave an error to and created an account anyway. I don't know. I just know that with a free account you can add hot doujinshi to your favorites and fap to them later.
The header options are very simple. Basically, each page has a different list of options for sorting your search. Each tag has a number indicating the number of entries in that section, but that's it. You can also sort by A-Z or by popularity. There are a huge number of options on every page, which is probably necessary since there are over 7000 pages of content to browse.

IMHentai: get your freak on with a large selection of fetish options

And this site doesn't shy away from the extreme. Want disconnected loli porn? Then you're in for a treat on this site. Or are you looking for a gross fuck fest? Or if you are looking for a grotesque fuck fest, then you are in for a treat. Anything goes. We also have a great selection of parodies of popular anime and manga. I love that Sailor Moon is still at the top of the list. That slut is exceptional.
Filter by art style to find the perfect hentai manga.
But don't dig into this shit just yet. Because there are even more filtering options and these are the real cherries on top. No more filtering by shitty art styles you don't like. Above the search bar, there are options for Manga, Doujinshi, Western, Image Sets, Artist CG, and Game CG. Below that, I can sort by doujinshi language. That's how it works. That's how you differentiate yourself from other garbage sites.
Let's talk about previews. They are pretty solid. You can see a large preview image of the cover of the doujinshi. You can see what language it's in, whether it's a doujinshi or a comic, who submitted it, how many in the series, and the title. A page count would be nice, but is not really necessary. These are all full-length books, so expect it to take about a minute to complete one. Or maybe a few seconds, for some fucker who can't finish reading the first page.

IMHentai: a great gallery viewer with arrow key support and free downloads

The Doujinshi page will show you a list of all the characters, tags, artists, and anything else you need to know that appears. Additionally, you can download the doujinshi for free. By clicking the download button, you will get the entire doujinshi in a zip file for free. From there, you can view a preview of each page of the doujinshi. Click on the first page to fuck around. The page will appear in full screen and you can use the arrow keys to turn the page so you can use your other hand to move your cock.

IMHentai: great mobile site!

Mobile sites are also great. Sometimes I'm surprised that a new site hasn't covered it yet, but they kill it. Their mobile site is better than other similar sites that have been around for decades. The only thing you can't do on mobile is swipe through the pages without clicking the arrows at the top, but I'm sure that will be added. Other than that, everything scales down nicely and there are no funny design choices.

IMHentai:ThePornDude's Favorite Features

The intuitive array of search options is a favorite feature. Any shitty site can upload tens of thousands of free doujinshis, but only the good ones are worth browsing. This is one of the best doujinshi sites I've encountered, in terms of structure and quality. You can easily flip through and find the kinky chic you are looking for. In particular, you can narrow everything down by your preferred art style. This is top notch.

Suggestions from ThePornDude

This site is very well done and I have very few complaints. This site is very well done and I have very few complaints. So, instead, let me make a suggestion to these poor sons of bitches. Lose the cartoon cuddles. They are pathetic. If you guys bring a slut home and she sees that shit, her pussy will dry up faster than the Sahara Desert. Throw it away, sell it, burn it, whatever, you'll only be strangling yourselves.

Final Thoughts on ThePornDude

Overall, Imhentai.com was a home run kind of site. Free access to tens of thousands of full-length doujinshi. No advertising. No memberships. No ads, no memberships, no crap. Ditch the ad-filled crap and visit Imhentai.com. Imhentai.com has the best organization and a selection that rivals any other doujin/hentai comic site. Don't wait another second and let Imhentai.com fap your horny ass.


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