2022 Latest: Recommended Free Erotic Manga Sites

Updated on 2022-09-27
In this article, the author proudly recommends a free hentai manga site ! I want to read for free! I want to know the best side dish!

When you want to read hentai manga, free hentai manga sites are very convenient to access.

Free hentai manga sites in various genres such as JK, married women, cool, bitchy, etc. are perfect as a side dish when you suddenly get horny ! Bookmarking them is handy for quick access.

However, with the current flood of many sites, even if you try to find a free hentai manga site, you may end up accessing illegal sites or suspicious overseas sites and not be able to find a good site. There must be many of them, don't you think?

Therefore, in this article, I will introduce free hentai manga sites that I recommend with confidence! I want to read for free! I want to know the best side dishes!

Evaluation Criteria for Eromanga Sites


In addition to whether or not the site is illegal and whether or not there are any reports of virus infection, is there any problem with the site operation itself? Are there any concerns about sudden closure of the site? We also evaluate the site based on the following points.

Quality of work

It is difficult to make a general statement because it varies from work to work even on the same site, but we used the number of works that are beautifully depicted on the site as a whole as a criterion for evaluation. This was the evaluation criterion. If there are works with beautiful drawings, I feel that the level of the site has improved.


As with animation, it depends on the work, but we chose this criterion based on how many people are touched by the work.

Number of works

This is an important point because the more works there are, the more choices users have. Sites with a large number of works are simply rated higher.


We focused on whether there are any works similar to those on other sites, or whether there are popular original works. If there are works that can only be read on this site, I would use this site.

Ease of use

In addition to ease of viewing and reading, we evaluate whether the works are easy to find and whether advertisements do not get in the way. We also took into account the time it takes to access the site and evaluated its overall ease of use.

Erotic Manga Site 1: Erotic Manga Night

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About Erotic Manga Night

Erotic Manga Night is an excellent site that features high quality erotic manga for free.

Unlike other sites, the site maintains an update policy that emphasizes quality over quantity of erotic manga.

Good points of this site

The quality of the updated erotic manga is higher than other sites.

Unlike other free erotic manga sites, Eroko Manga no Yoru is free of erotic manga that are obviously of low quality to anyone who looks at them.

Because a certain level of quality is promised, when you want to pull out an erotic manga, if you are in trouble, check this site and you will be able to find your favorite patterns and proclivities just by following the new arrivals.

On other sites, you tend to have to dig through pages and pages of listings, skimming over low-quality erotic manga, but on this site, you don't have to do that.

Tags are extremely detailed.

Because the number of tags is vastly larger than on other sites, it is easier to reach works by your favorite artists, plays, and attributes by using the site's search function and the in-page search on the tag list page.

You will often find a word that you can't find a hit on this site.

The comment section is lively.

Many users leave comments on the works on Erotic Manga Night.

This makes it easy to share your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with others.

Basically, most of the comments are about the stories of the works, but the number of comments on good erotic manga tends to increase, so it may be a good idea to choose articles to open by looking at the number of comments.

My Erotic Manga

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About Ore no Ero Manga

Ore no Erobon is the largest free erotic manga site in Japan.

Many people may have stumbled upon this site by accident while searching for erotic words on Google.

Among sites specializing in free erotic manga postings, this site has one of the highest number of viewers.

Good points of this site

Easy My Page function

You can register the erotic manga you read in your My Page and create a list of your favorite erotic manga.

Moreover, there is no need to register as a member, which is a hassle.

Just click the "Add to My Page" button at the top or bottom of the page.

You can jump to My Page from the "Go to My Page" button next to "Add to My Page" or from the menu at the top of the page.

Popular doujinshis are easy to find.

In this way, you can see how many other people have added the erotic manga to their My Page.

On other sites, you have to open the page to see if it is a good erotic manga or not, but on this site, you can judge the popularity to some extent by the number of My Page registrations before opening the page.

Search within the site

The site search bar is always at the top of the page, so you can quickly search for the play, attribute, or artist you are looking for.

The bottom of the page also includes a ranking of popular keywords, which may be a good starting point.

Eromanga Time

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About Eromanga Time

Have you ever looked at a free erotic manga site with too many tags and wished it was a little more organized?

At Eromanga Time, you can search for erotic manga by tags that are maintained for character attributes, appearance, play content, location, and even tools.

Good points of this site

Tags and categories are finely categorized.

The menu at the top of the site has a tag page with various classifications.

You can easily browse the site while thinking about what kind of erotic manga you want to pull out now.

The PC version of the site has an excellent look and feel.

Free erotic manga sites often have cluttered PC versions of their sites, but Eromanga Time is very simple and easy to view.

The ads on the mobile version have been eliminated, and the site's search bar is easy to use, making it a stress-free structure in any case.

Excellent favorites and ★ rating functions

After reading an erotic manga, you can create your own list of favorite erotic manga by clicking the "Add to Favorites" button.

Users can also easily rate the manga to see which ones are the most popular.

Kichidou: Demon Lustration Erotic Doujinshi Kichidou

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About Kichidou: An Erotic Doujinshi of Demon Livestock and Humiliation

Kichidou is a free erotic manga site specializing in erotic manga in which girls are raped.

This site is recommended for those who prefer attributes such as humiliation, devilry, brainwashing, and training.

Good points of this site

Rape and humiliation erotic manga only

If you like humiliation erotic manga, don't bother to look for them in the miscellaneous erotic manga listings on other sites.

This is because almost all of the erotic manga on Kichidou contain attributes related to humiliation.

The site also supports special sexuality, such as sexuality related to torture, but if you are not a fan of such things, you can avoid it because you can determine which attributes are included in the listings.

The quality of the updated works is high.

Not only does the site focus on humiliation erotic manga, but it also seems to select high quality works from among them.

I have the impression that the number of times I have wondered who would be able to pull out of such a work is much less than on other sites.

Convenient ranking function

In addition to daily and weekly rankings, category rankings are also available, so it is good to have a place to look when you are not sure what to look for.

On the PC version, they are displayed in an easy-to-understand position, so you can quickly check them while you are looking for doujinshi from the list.

Everyday Erotic Manga

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About Eromanga

Eromanga is a free erotic manga site that continues to update a large number of erotic manga every day.

Just by following the new updates on this site, you can see a wide variety of play and sexuality.

Good points of this site

Large number of updates.

For an erotic manga site, this site has a large number of updates and seems to be updating 24 titles daily.

The wide range of attributes and play contents is also a nice feature.

There is a "My Page" function.

By clicking the "Register to My Page" button before or after reading an erotic manga, you can create a list of your favorite erotic manga picks.

My Page can be jumped to within the "Menu" in the upper right corner of the site on the smartphone version, and from "My Page" at the top of the site on the PC version.

We are also active on Twitter

Everyday Erotic Manga has also been active on Twitter since 2016 and has over 9,000 followers as of August 2019.

If you don't want to bother visiting the site to search for erotic manga, you can follow this account and check out only the ones you are interested in.


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About Nukeman

Nukeman is a free erotic manga site characterized by its attention to detail and sexuality.

The site covers a variety of erotic words with tags, so you are likely to find words that you did not find on other sites.

Good points of this site

Coverage of even the most detailed sexuality

The tags on this site correspond to unusually detailed sexual proclivities.

For example, there are quite a few types of "cowgirl position" alone, such as cowgirl position, M-shape spread legs cowgirl position, back cowgirl position, face cowgirl position, M-order spread legs back cowgirl position... and so on.

Also, compared to other sites, I have the impression that there are more books registered in the list even for these limited types of play and sexuality.

Tags are categorized in the mobile version.

The "List of Authors, by Situation, and by Tag" is listed in the menu, and the large number of tags is easy to find from here.

However, for some reason, this is only available on the smartphone version, and the PC version menu only has "Tag List.

My Page Function

Nukeman has a " My Page" function that allows you to create a list of your favorite erotic manga.

There is no need to register as a member, and you can simply click the "Add to My Page" button on an erotic manga page to add the manga to your list.

My Page can be accessed from the menu at the top of the site or from the "Go to My Page" button next to the "Add to My Page" button.


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About Erozine

Erozine is a site where you can enjoy not only erotic manga but also other contents such as erotic videos.

The rating function is unique and interesting!

Good points of this site

Three types of evaluation

While most sites rate content on a scale of "good" and "bad," this site allows users to rate content on a scale of "I pulled it out," "I weeded," and "I wilted.

This site allows users to see at a glance which erotic manga are highly practical, as well as which ones are so funny that they make you laugh.

This is an interesting feature that you won't find anywhere else!

Detailed information on erotic manga

While most lists of erotic manga usually display information such as tags and authors, this site displays a variety of information such as "rating," "PV," "viewing time," "withdrawal rate," "viewing time," "number of images," "number of comments," and so on.

This information may be more useful than information such as tags for some people, as it shows popularity and satisfaction with the content.

Many comments

This site allows users to write their favorite comments on erotic manga, and the number of comments is much larger than on other sites.

The number of comments is much higher than on other sites, especially for erotic manga with a lot of "grass" in the comments, which is very exciting.

Some of the comments are funny and sympathetic, and I enjoy looking at them.


In this article, I would like to introduce some recommended free erotic manga sites. Although not well known, recently there are more and more legitimate free erotic manga sites that have received permission from the official authorities. The author recommends using such sites because you can shag with impunity and without guilt.

This time I have introduced them in a ranking format, but each person has his/her own masturbation material! If you find a site that interests you, please do not hesitate to check it out.