20 Free Manga Doujinshi Sites to Replace Erocool!

Updated on 2022-10-14
erocool is an erotic manga site where you can view erotic manga for free. It has been closed due to copyright infringement. This article introduces a free erotic manga site to replace erocool

What is erocool?

erocool is an erotic manga site where you can view erotic manga for free. However, erocool has been closed and unavailable since February 2021. It is very unfortunate, but there are many rumors about the cause of this closure incident.

In late December, Japanese manga artist Maki Murakami filed a DMCA complaint with Cloudflare, claiming that the piracy site erocool was infringing his copyright. erocool was rightfully accused of copyright infringement and forced to shut down.

Since then, erocool is no longer available and we have to use other sites where we can read erotic manga. So here are some other sites where you can read erotic manga for free.

Note: Using pirate manga sites is a win-win situation, but since they are pirate sites and infringe on copyrights, they should be closed down at some point. There is also a great risk of your computer becoming infected with a virus, so it is better to use legitimate manga sites if possible.

Reason why "erocool" was closed

erocool is a so-called free pirated adult erotic manga site. However, the Copyright Law was revised in 2021, and sites that were illegally uploading, downloading, and reprinting were caught.

As a result of the stricter penalties under the Copyright Act, the illegal reprinting site "erocool" was closed in February 2021. Many former users expressed both relief and disappointment that the site is no longer available.

erocool was shut down after manga artist Maki Murayama filed a complaint with Coudflare for copyright infringement. erocool was originally a major international piracy site that many people had used. However, this was followed by the closure of Nyahental, and it is expected that more illegal sites will be uncovered and shut down in the future.

Many people may think that even illegal sites like Elocool are free and can be read for free. However, there is a fear that they may be involved in crimes or arrested for following their personal information.

There is also a risk of contracting a virus by accessing such sites, so be careful. As much as possible, we recommend that you check for illegal sites before using them.

Recommendations for alternative erotic manga sites to erocool

First of all, we would like to mention here that in addition to erocool, the shady sites exhentai and nyahentai have also closed down. The following are the erotic manga sites that are open to the public at this time.

Doujin Dolci

We continue to upload doujinshi.

Doujin Free

We continue to upload doujinshi.

Doujinshi Storeroom

Uploading of doujinshi is ongoing.

Manga Zetsuboukan

Uploading of doujinshi is ongoing.

Doujin Nights

Uploading of doujinshi continues.

Erotic Manga Cafe

Continues to upload doujinshi.

Painful Erotic Doujinshi

Continues to upload doujinshi.

Doujinshi Forest

We are continuing to upload doujinshi. Search type.




Closed to nyahentai and doujinshi.

My Erotic Books

I continue uploading doujinshi.


Continue uploading doujinshi.

Niji-Gazo (Nijigen Pocket)

Continues to upload doujinshi.


Continues to upload doujinshi.

Everyday Erotic Manga

Uploading of doujinshi is ongoing.

Eromanga Time

Continues to upload doujinshi.


Uploading of doujinshi is continued.

Roku Hentai

Uploading of doujinshi continues.


Uploading doujinshi continuously.


Continuing to upload doujinshi.