Fake Nude Images Easily Generated by DreamTime - Be Safe and Know the Cautions!

Updated on 2023-05-31
With the tool DreamTime, anyone can easily generate fake nude images. This article explains how to use DreamTime, how to check the generated images, and what to look out for. Know how to use it safely and appropriately to avoid legal and ethical issues.

In recent years, advances in deep-fake technology have made it possible to process the face and body from the original image to create fake images that look exactly like the real thing. Among these, fake nude images have become particularly problematic, and legal and ethical issues have surfaced. In this article, we will discuss DreamTime, a tool for generating such fake nude images, and explain its usage and precautions in detail.

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What is "DreamTime"?

DreamTime" is one of the tools that generate images using neural networks and can generate fake nude images. This tool is provided on the Web and requires user registration for use. Users must also agree to the Terms of Use.

Features of "DreamTime" include the following.

High-precision image generation using neural networks

・Free specification of parts of the face, chest, etc.

Fake images can be generated by merging with original images.

How to generate a fake nude image using "DreamTime

This section describes how to generate fake nude images using "DreamTime".

Download DreamTime

You can download DreamTime from the official website.


Setup of DreamTime

After downloading and starting up, click "Continue" when the following screen appears with "Welcome to DreamTime!

 Click "Continue".

The following screen will be displayed to check if your PC environment is suitable for using DreamTime.
Click "Continue.


  • DreamTime is intended for adults.
  • Do not use DreamTime with the intention of abusing it.
  • that DreamTime is free and open source
  • that we support you

is displayed.

Click "Understood.

To use DreamTime, you will need a web browser and an Internet connection. You will also need to register in advance.

Next, download the files necessary for DreamTime to work.

First, "DreamPower. Click on "Install.

After installation, DreamTime will restart.

Next, "Checkpoints". Click "Install.

Likewise, DreamTime will restart when complete.

Loading Data

Click on the left

  • Instagram
    (Import images and videos from Instagram)
  • Youtube
    (Import videos from YouTube)
  • Giphy
    (Import gifs from Giphy)
  • Web
    (import image/video from URL)
  • File
    (Select file to import)
  • Folder
    (Import images/videos from a folder)


Choose from the following options to import data as you like.

Move the cursor to the video/image you want to convert and click the play icon.

If you want to make detailed settings, click the driver icon.

Processing Settings


  • Preference Mode
    Preference Mode
  • Scale method
    Changes the image scaling mode.
  • X-Ray Tool
    Generates a fake nude with X-ray effect.

Per run

Per run
  • Mode
    Change settings for each conversion or
  • Boobs size
    Boobs size
  • Areola size
    Areola size
  • Nipple size
    nipple size
  • Vagina size
  • Public Hair size

Once you have set your preferences, click on "NUDIFY" on the left.

Then, it will be registered in "Queue" and you can wait until the conversion is completed.

Wait until the conversion is complete, then it will be added to Finished.

Notes on using "DreamTime

The following points should be noted when using "DreamTime".

Agree to the Terms of Use

To use "DreamTime," you must agree to the Terms of Use. The Terms of Use clearly state the restrictions on the generation of fake nude images and their use.

Be aware of legal and ethical issues

You should be aware that there are legal and ethical issues associated with faux nude images. Proper use of the generated images must be made and appropriate judgment must be exercised.


DreamTime" is one tool that uses a neural network to generate fake nude images. You can freely specify the part of the image and can generate a fake image synthesized with the original image. However, there are legal and ethical issues involved in generating fake nude images, so proper usage must be observed.