[Avgle] Explain what to do when you can't watch/play videos!

Updated on 2023-06-30
Have you ever experienced that you can't watch/play videos while using Avgle? In order to improve such a situation, we will explain the reasons why you can not see / play videos on Avgle and how to deal with them, from common ones for PC / smartphone to different ones for each.

[Avgle] What to do when you can't watch/play videos


Avgle is an adult video distribution site. If you have found this page by accident or not, please close your browser quietly or back up your browser.

There have also been reports of people using Avgle being infected with viruses. Some people are infected by opening advertisements, and there are reports that they are infected by downloading videos, so please read the article with that in mind.

Well, in this article, we will introduce the reasons why Avgle is not playing videos and how to fix it.


PC/smartphone common coping method


First of all, I will explain the common causes and solutions for PC/smartphones when Avgle videos cannot be viewed/played.


turn off adblock


Many people use "Adblock" to block advertisements on both PCs and smartphones.

For PCs, there are browser extensions, and for smartphones, ad blocking apps and browsers with ad blocking functions. I think there are. Avgle

displays a lot of ads, so I think many people turn on "Adblock" to reduce the number of such ads displayed. If there is a function, videos cannot be viewed .


Therefore, if you cannot watch/play videos on Avgle on PC/smartphone, please turn off "Adblock". In addition, there have been reports of people being infected with malware by turning off Adblock, so please turn off Adblock and browse at your own risk.

As for the cancellation method when "Adblock" is turned on in the extension function, here we will introduce the method (PC) with "Adblock plus" of Firefox.


First, right-click on the ad blocking extension you want to stop.


Open "Manage Extensions"


So turn off that extension. Now you can turn off "Adblock". Basically any browser can be done in a similar way, so please use it as a reference.


Restart your PC/smartphone


As a common point of PC / smartphone, I think that the operation of the terminal may feel slow and heavy. In such a case, restarting may improve the movement.

By restarting the PC or smartphone, there is a possibility that heavy causes such as closing background apps in the terminal/deleting the cache, etc. can be resolved for both PCs and smartphones . It's the best way to solve the instability of your device when you can't see/play videos on Avgle.


clear browser cache


Common countermeasures for PC/smartphones include deleting the cache of the browser. Browser cache refers to temporary storage data that makes it easier to read the information of the web page when revisiting the same site.

Thanks to the cache, the screen will be displayed immediately even if you go to the same site, but the site with a large amount of information such as images such as video sites and sites with many advertisements tends to accumulate cache , so that information causes the PC to display. / The operation of the smartphone may become slow.

Therefore, if Avgle videos cannot be played, try clearing your browser's cache. Browser caching can be done from the settings of each browser.


For Chrome, open your browser settings.


Select "Clear browsing data" under "Privacy and security".


Clear the cache by checking "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached images and files". Other browsers, such as Firefox, work in much the same way. If you do not understand, please refer to the help of each browser.


change browser


Common to PC/smartphone, there is a possibility that the video cannot be viewed/played because the browser does not support video playback .

By changing from the browser you are using to another browser, the situation where you cannot see/play videos may be improved.


Check line speed


If it's not a problem with your device or browser, you may not be able to watch/play videos due to the line speed of your PC/smartphone.

If you are using the same line for both PC and smartphone, and you can't see/play Avgle videos on both, it's possible that the line speed is the cause.

Therefore, make sure there are no problems with the communication line you are using . The content is whether the Wi-Fi is in good condition or whether there is an error in the line.

In some cases, you may need to ask your provider, etc., but that is rare. Basically, check if there are any problems with the network environment, such as checking if the speed limit has been reached.

Also, there are sites that can measure the line speed, so please measure the line speed of your own line there. In addition, when trying to play a video with Avgle, it is better to have at least 5M .


try again later


If Avgle videos cannot be viewed/played even after trying the above common solutions for PC/smartphones, there is a possibility that the videos cannot be viewed/played due to problems such as the server of the site . In this case, the current situation is that there is nothing that the user can do.

It is highly likely that the same situation will continue until Avgle's server load improves, so please wait a while and try playing the video again. Even if you wait a few minutes, it may change whether you can see it or not.


How to deal with PC


Next, we will move on to explain what to do if you can't see/play videos when using Avgle from a PC. The method for dealing with iPhone and Android is described later, so if you are not using it on a PC, you can move there.


Relax security software settings


Since there is a risk of virus infection just by using Avgle, I do not recommend it very much, but if you have security software installed, relax the settings and use it.

If Avgle videos cannot be viewed/played due to security software issues, loosening the settings may solve the problem.

However, if there is a part that is caught by security software, it means that there is something dangerous on the screen of Avgle.

As long as there are cases of virus infection on Avgle, relaxing security software can be an opportunity to allow malware to intrude . In the worst case, it may be necessary to initialize the PC, so please be careful when using this method.


video card update


A video card is a function that inputs and outputs video as a signal. It depends on the PC settings, but if the version of the video card in your PC is old, you may not be able to play normally.

Since the video card itself has a large capacity, it may be difficult to update itself. If you can afford it, try updating your PC's video card .


Disable all browser extensions


Browsers that allow you to install extensions to your browser, such as Google Chrome and Firefox, may not be able to see/play videos due to the extensions.

Like the ad-blocking extensions I mentioned earlier, other extensions—for example, screen capture apps—may be interfering.

I can't deny the possibility that security related things are affected. Try disabling all browser extensions while referring to the above-mentioned method of turning on/off extensions.

In addition, we do not guarantee the safety of disabling security-related extensions, so please be responsible for that as well.


How to deal with iPhoneAndroid


Next, I will introduce what to do if Avgle videos cannot be viewed/played on iPhone/Android. Although there are some points in common with the case of PC, the operation method may be different.


remove ad blocker


As mentioned above, Avgle is unable to play videos if you have an ad blocking app installed. There are apps for iPhone and Android that can block ads, so some people may be using them. If you have such an ad blocker app

installed on your iPhone or Android, disabling it may allow you to play. Also, if you are using a browser that can block ads or a browser that can install such extensions, try disabling those settings.


Close background apps to free up memory


Playing videos, not just Avgle, consumes memory on both iPhone and Android. If you have other apps open separately, it will be in a state of pressure on that memory, which may cause the operation to become slow.

Whether it's the iPhone or Android, especially the latest ones, the specs are basically high enough to run a number of background apps, but even so, there are limits. Quit apps running in the background to free up memory to play videos on

Avgle . This frees up memory and may allow the video to play.


The method of deleting background apps varies depending on the device and OS, but basically you can end background apps by clearing all the apps displayed from the app usage history.

If the number of background apps is reduced, battery consumption will be reduced accordingly, so it can be used as a countermeasure even if Avgle videos cannot be viewed.


Watch in private mode


It depends on the browser, but some browsers have something called private mode.

Depending on the browser, there are various names such as incognito window / incognito mode, but you can remember that such things are applicable.

Since this private mode does not leave browsing history , some people may use it when using Avgle, but some people may not have known it existed in the first place.

You may be able to play videos by browsing Avgle in such private mode. Try switching from normal window to private mode once.


For Google Chrome, open an incognito window from the menu.


A private mode screen like the one above will open, so open Avgle here and watch it.


Check if communication speed is restricted


It overlaps with what was mentioned above, but for iPhone and Android, some people may use Avgle with carrier communication.

Watching and downloading videos consumes a considerable amount of communication, so it is quite possible that the communication speed will be limited by watching too many videos and reaching the communication limit of the carrier communication .

See if your current iPhone or Android is in the middle of a speed limit.


Replacement of communication means 4G (3G) / Wi-Fi


You may be able to play videos by changing the communication method of iPhone/Android. Try switching the carrier line 4G or 3G line with Wi-Fi .

Changing the communication environment may improve the situation where Avgle videos cannot be viewed/played on iPhone or Android.

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[Avgle] What to do when you can't watch/play videos


Well, there are of course other reasons why you can't watch/play videos on Avgle. If the solutions described so far do not solve the problem, there is a possibility that the content described here may be the cause of the inability to view/play, so please check here as well.


Can't watch/play videos because ads can't be removed


If you do not remove the advertisements that may appear when you try to play Avgle videos, you will not be able to view the videos.

However, among them, there are some people who are very troubled or irritated by the troublesome advertisements, such as the location of the cross button of the advertisement is bad / difficult to press. Especially on small smartphone screens, we often hear that people tapped the screen when they intended to turn off the advertisement.

Because of that, there are plenty of times when you can't play/watch videos, and it doesn't always happen because it depends on the type of ads, but it's not without the risk of being infected with a virus.




If only one ad is displayed, but if it keeps appearing even after removing the ad, it is highly likely that the ad is malicious. Only for such advertisements, the cross mark may be small, so if you hit such an advertisement, close the browser screen.

Advertisements displayed on Avgle's playback screen may not be displayed, although the timing is unknown, or they may be advertisements on safe sites.

Therefore, by deleting the currently open browser or tab for the time being and displaying the screen again, there is a possibility that the video will be able to be played in a state where the advertisement is not displayed / the X button is easy to press and it is not displayed repeatedly. .


I can't see the maintenance display


When opening Avgle on iPhone or Android, maintenance display may appear and you may not be able to watch/play videos.

It may be displayed when browsing from an iPhone or using the Chrome browser on a smartphone, and it is often the case that maintenance is not performed when browsing from other devices.




If you can't access it on any device, it may be resolved by accessing after a while because we are really doing maintenance overall.

Also, you may be able to see it by using an app called "iSafePlay" ("iSafe" for Android) on your iPhone or Android. This app is also recommended by Avgle official, so please try using Avgle with this app after some time.

In addition, if maintenance is displayed only on some terminals, it may be displayed for viewing from iPhone or Chrome. There are cases where you can play Avgle videos by changing to "PC version display" or "Desktop display"

on iPhone or Android, so please try this as well.


"Please select all road sign tiles" is displayed and I can't see it


Often when you authenticate something, you may see "Please select all road sign tiles" that is displayed when you check "I am human".

There is a selection pattern other than 'Please select all tiles on the road sign', but this is a Bot system used to determine whether the accessing user is a robot or a human. Even Avgle seems to be displayed on the cover of something.




If a message such as "Select all road sign tiles" appears, select the one displayed in the image (the one that seems to have a road sign). Basically, 3 to 4 tiles are applicable , and if you can select them correctly, you can proceed.

Even if you make a mistake, there is no problem, but if it seems too annoying, you can try closing the screen once.

In addition, if "..." is displayed above the selected video, you will be able to play it by reloading.


The video is heavy/I can't see it because it's choppy during playback


There are also troubles such as the video being watched on Avgle is slow or interrupted during playback. This is a common problem with streaming playback in HLS format, and is a common problem with video playback sites, not just Avgle.

In this case, Avgle's server may be overloaded and Avgle's site itself may be slow, or it may be slow due to line speed. It could also be caused by something else in the browser you are viewing Avgle from.




If the Avgle site itself is heavy, you may be able to play the video by accessing it after a while.

In addition, if the communication speed is a problem, you can also download and browse after the communication speed becomes normal . However, since many Avgle videos violate copyrights, please be aware that the download itself may be illegal .


A video different from the title/thumbnail is played


When you look at the thumbnails and titles on Avgle and open the selected video you want to watch, you may find that a video with a different title or thumbnail is played. This is due to the cache in your browser.

Due to the cache accumulated in the puddle, such a symptom appears when there is a difference between the contents of the displayed screen and the contents saved in the cache.




If the problem is caused by too much cache in your browser, you should clear your browser's cache . If you clear the cache from your browser, you should be able to play the video similar to the title and thumbnail.


At the end


There are various reasons why you can't watch/play videos on Avgle, and the solutions are different for each. There are parts that touch on security issues

when browsing Avgle, such as relaxing security software restrictions and stopping ad blocking apps, so please remove them at your own risk.

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