Possibility of being arrested if you watch Amichi's leaked video? There is also a risk of virus infection!

Updated on 2022-10-25
Amichi is a popular TikToker. The other day, a video of her nighttime sports event was leaked and caused a huge firestorm... We summarize the circumstances of the leaked video, her boyfriend, and her current situation! We also explain in detail how Amichi, her partner, the person who leaked the video, and the purchaser of the video may be arrested for leaking an indecent video.

Possibility of being arrested if you watch Amichi's leaked video? There is also a risk of virus infection!

I would like to explain Amichi's leaked video.

The leaked video seems to be a video of sexual activity between Amichi and his ex-boyfriend.

The video went viral on the Internet and became a hot topic.

who is the culprit? What happened to Amichi and his ex-boyfriend and now?

This time, I tried to summarize the information about Amichi's leaked video.

Profile of Amichi

Amichi is active in TikToker.

・Real name: Ami Suzuki (?)

・Age: 18 (2022)

・Birthday: August 6, 2004

・Height: 156cm

・Weight: Unknown

・Alma mater: High school in Chiba Prefecture

Amichi works as a couple video with her boyfriend Yasutaka.

Currently, he is a charismatic figure with nearly 700,000 followers.

The number of total likes is over 13 million.

That's a big number.

Is it dangerous to obtain and watch Amichi's leaked video?

Amichi's videos were bought and sold on Twitter.

Amichi is currently 18 years old.

If you get involved with the person who sells the video and buy it as it is or share it with someone, you risk falling under the Child Pornography Prohibition Act, so you should quit.

There are two dangers of getting leaked videos.

The possibility of being arrested and the risk of exposure to the virus.

Reason 1: Possibility of being arrested

You may be arrested for providing and retaining leaked videos.

On the Internet, people tend to think that cracking down is difficult due to the anonymity and large numbers of people who commit fraudulent acts. I guess.

Regulations on child pornography are quite strict and should not be taken lightly.

If you use a lawyer and request disclosure, you can be sued

Disclosure request means that the victim requests the information center for the perpetrator's personal information.

Due to privacy issues, even if you request the department in charge that holds your personal information, they may not accept it.

By hiring a lawyer at that time, they may disclose personal information because they will show the legitimacy of the disclosure request.

From there, the perpetrator can be identified and prosecuted.

Reason 2: Possibility of virus infection

When you save pornographic images, a virus may invade, causing malicious intent such as saving a large amount of pornographic images or reporting to government agencies.

You may feel that it is right to report a virus to a government agency, but the act of invading a virus into another person's terminal and hacking it can be said to be an evil act.

When browsing images, it is better not to click on save or URL.

A Google search reveals a suspicious site in Arabic.

If you search for "Amichi outflow", adult sites will be displayed in Arabic.

But don't skip sites that display Arabic.

You risk exposure to viruses.

Detailed summary of Amichi's video leak!

Next, I would like to explain in detail about Amichi's video leak.

What did the police do when the video leaked?

I tried to summarize what happened to the real criminal and accomplices.

Who is the criminal who leaked the video?

The perpetrator is unknown at this time.

It is unlikely that Amichi himself or his ex-boyfriend are the culprits.

There is no reason for them to leak their video footage and report it to the police.

It seems that the ex-boyfriend also knew that the leaked video was spread and called out on Twitter, so as far as the reaction is concerned, the ex-boyfriend may not be the culprit.

Is the culprit that spread is his ex's friend?

There is no proof that a friend of Amichi's ex-boyfriend is the culprit.

There is also a hand of unauthorized login, but there is also the possibility that someone close to you is spreading it.

It may have spread among relatives on SNS like Bacutter, or it may have spread on its own with malicious intent.

There is a good chance that someone close to you will get the video.

What crime is the perpetrator accused of?

Unauthorized login or spreading is subject to the following crimes.

・Violation of unauthorized access prohibition (imprisonment for 3 years or less, fine of 1 million yen or less)

・Violation of displaying obscene items (imprisonment of 1 month to 2 years or less, fine of 10,000 to 2,500,000 yen or less)

・Violation of prohibition of child pornography (imprisonment for 2 years or less, fine of 1 million yen or less)

・Civil tort

If you are accused of multiple crimes, it seems that you will be punished 1.5 times more than the heaviest penalty.

Will the person who sells the video be charged with a crime?

Anyone who sells the video will be charged as an accomplice.

・Violation of display of obscene objects

・Violation of child pornography

・Civil tort

This may also be charged with the same crime as the person who accessed illegally.

Be careful when visiting the site.

Will people who buy videos be charged with crimes?

It is believed that the person who bought it will not be charged with a crime.

The Democratic Party of Japan advocates that there are provisions for imprisonment or penalties if people collect personal information without good reason or obtain it for a fee.

If you get a large amount of images, you may be charged with a crime, but I don't think you will be charged with a crime if you don't know it's porn or just browsed it.

Will Amichi and her ex-boyfriend in the leaked video be caught by the police?

Amichi and her ex-boyfriend will never be caught by the police.

It's just a video of sexual intercourse between two people, so if they don't have a sense of harm to each other, they won't be charged with a crime even if it spreads.

Hypothetically, if the boyfriend took a picture and saved it without Amichi's permission, there is a possibility that even a couple could be sued and arrested.

Who is your ex-boyfriend?

The ex-boyfriend listed in the leaked video is actually an ordinary person, so we don't know at the moment.

It seems that he was calling to find the culprit on Twitter, but the current account was not found.

Didn't the police investigate?

It seems that Amichi's current boyfriend, Yasutaka, has asked the police to investigate, but they have not acted.

The reason is that there is no possibility of a fake video or proof that it is Amichi himself.

Since the police are not taking action, I am cooperating with Youtuber Korekore to call for the cooperation of the public on SNS.

Even in the work image, it seems that the person himself or his ex-boyfriend has an idea, so I think it's real, but it seems that they won't do anything unless there is definitive proof.

The dedication of my current boyfriend is amazing!

Looking at Mr. Yasutaka's movements above, he's incredibly devoted.

It is so common that it is so active that it asks Mr. Korekore and the police to search for it.

Seeing Yasutaka-san's hard work, Korekore-san funded him.

I'm using the money to hire a lawyer to try to identify the people who spread and sold it on Twitter.

Currently, it seems that Mr. Yasutaka has exposed the personal information of the person who sold it on Twitter.

I think that this alone is quite dangerous to yourself, but you can see that he is a very good boyfriend for her.

Possibility of being arrested if you watch Amichi's leaked video? There is also a risk of virus infection! summary

In summary, a video of Amichi's sexual intercourse with her ex-boyfriend was spread on Twitter by someone who logged in illegally.

Not only the culprit who accessed it, but also the person who sold or held the video will be an accomplice.

Even now, my boyfriend and Korekore are calling for a search on SNS.

It would be nice to find the person who got it, the seller, and the culprit who spread it in the first place.