Shocking AV abalone game explosion! South Korea's squid game sequel aired in Taiwan?

Updated on 2022-10-26
Shocking AV abalone game explosion! South Korea's squid game sequel aired in Taiwan?

Abalone Game is a sequel to the Korean drama "Squid Game" that became a hot topic on Netflix! ?

Where can I watch the abalone game? Is it really a sequel to the squid game?

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What is Abalone Game?

What exactly is the abalone game that has become a hot topic on Twitter?

From the name Abalone Game, I'm hoping that there will be a sequel to the Squid Game!

What kind of content is the abalone game?

It's not a sequel to the Korean drama "Squid Game"!

First, Abalone Game was not a sequel to the Korean drama "Squid Game"!

Squid and abalone, there is an atmosphere that is somewhat related.

There were many voices expecting a sequel, so I think those who were looking forward to it said, "Maybe!"

The identity of the abalone game is a Taiwanese parody AV!

So, what exactly is an abalone game? It was a parody AV produced in Taiwan!

A parody is an original work that already exists and is made fun of by making fun of it so that everyone who sees it can understand.

The AV parody of the squid game is "Abalone Game"!

Instead of playing a squid game and being shot with a gun...

It's a parody AV, but it faithfully reproduces the story of the squid game, such as the Daruma falling down and the raccoon dog, and the content is of high quality!

Where can I watch the abalone game?

It's an abalone game that I'm curious about, but since it was distributed from Taiwan, it wasn't distributed in Japan.

If you register on the Taiwanese site, you can watch it, but it seems a little difficult because it will be registered in Taiwanese or English.

I'd like to see the Taiwanese parody AV abalone game that has become a hot topic!

It's not that I can't watch it in Japan, so I searched for a site where I could watch it!

You can see it on the site "bilibili"!

I saw an abalone game on a site called bilibili!

Besides that, if you look up the abalone game, the URL is listed in Chiebukuro!

Some people also posted the URL on Twitter!

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What is the cast of Abalone Game?

One of the cast members who worked on the abalone game was a female AV director named Misa Yonesuna!

Misa graduated from art college. It seems that I was majoring in creation and more!

He is also active as a YouTuber and has been active on YouTube since 2018.

As an AV director, there are many posts of sensitive videos!

The playlist includes videos of behind-the-scenes scenes when making AV works, stories of your own past experiences, question corners about sex, and more! If you are interested, please check it out!

On Instagram, I post pictures of my cosplay and private posts!

Misa seems to have one side as a cosplayer as many photos of cosplay are posted!

He was an AV director, a YouTuber, a cosplayer, and a person who has a variety of occupations!

She has a good style and is very beautiful, so I'm misunderstanding whether Misa is appearing.

What is the reputation of the abalone game?

The abalone game has become a hot topic, but what is its reputation like?

Parody AV is often talked about, but on the other hand, there are times when fans of the original story get repulsed.

In the case of the abalone game, many people seem to be interested in it because of the sense and fun of the name!

I saw a lot of voices saying "Where can I watch it?" on Twitter and Chiebukuro!

How popular is the abalone game on Twitter?

On Twitter, there are many highly rated tweets such as "There is too much sense"!

There were no negative tweets, and it seems that many people are enjoying the abalone game!

In addition, there were many people who responded to the title such as "Abalone game is grass"!

Abalone game has a good reputation!

The abalone game has a good reputation and the quality of the content is solid!

Taiwanese AV director Misa Yonesa, who worked on the abalone game, spent a considerable amount of money, called the cast, and put a lot of effort into the set.

While there is a solid love for squid games, it is sublimated well as a parody AV!

Some people said that they never thought that Japan would be ahead of them in this field.

There are many voices saying "interesting"!

Chinese parody AV of the squid game, blew in the abalone game w

— Tororo 'MO @ Tsukuriba (@trorooooooooo) April 5, 2022

After all, the name abalone game has a strong impact and many people seem to find it interesting!

The images posted on Twitter are all parodies of the squid game, so it seems that many people are interested!

I was thinking about what kind of name it would be if the squid game parody AV came out, but there were also voices that praised the name of the abalone game, such as the abalone game being too oblique.

UVERworld recommends abalone game?

During the live MC, UVERworld's drummer Shintaro said, "I saw on the news that there was a sequel to the squid game, so I looked it up and found out that the abalone game was a parody AV."

I lightly recommended it as it was, saying, "If everyone is okay, go ahead."

It seems that the abalone game became a hot topic even among UVERworld fans who heard about it!

Sequel to Squid Game? Parody AV Abalone Game Summary

An abalone game that attracted attention as a sequel to the Korean drama "Squid Game" that became a hot topic on Netflix!

Actually, it was a parody AV made by Taiwanese AV director Misa Yonesa!

It is an AV parody of the squid game, made with a large budget and a large cast!

I wondered if there was a sequel to the squid game, and the name became a hot topic, and it spread even more on Twitter!

There is also a site where you can watch videos of the abalone game, so why not take a look at one of the stories!

However, some sites may contain viruses, so please be careful when viewing them at your own risk!