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Updated on 2023-01-12
I researched how to read the manga "Watashi to sabasabashira dakara" at an illegal manga site.

We have investigated how to read the manga "Watashi to saba saba shite dakara" on illegal manga sites.

I will share the results of my research with you.

Synopsis of "Watashi to Sabasabashite de Watashi" (Because I'm Sabasabashite)

The manga "Watashi to sabasaba shite dakara" (Because I'm so savasabashi), written by Torafugu and drawn by Shin Eguchi, is serialized in "Mecha Comic x Comic Nanatozo".

I wish everyone lived as savasabaru as I do!" Nami Amihama, 28, works in the editorial department of a women's magazine. She is shunned by her co-workers because of her biased and outspoken opinions, which she uses as an excuse for being "conservative. One day, while behaving unprovoked, Nami is confronted by her natural enemy, Mai Honda (26). Nami cannot hide her annoyance with Mai, who is beautiful and has high feminine power. The battle begins between the self-proclaimed "Sabasaba-onna" (a.k.a. "self-sabasaba woman") and the true Sabasaba-onna!

Watashi to sabasaba shite desu" RAW website

Sen Manga

Sen Manga is a pirate site created in 2012.

It is still available, but the top page is not accessible from search engines.

If you look for "Watashi ha sabasaba shite dakara" on Sen Manga, it shows "No results!


I searched for "watashi wa saba shite desu" in KLManga and got "No results!

Moreover, according to our research, there are quite a few uncensored adult ads on the KLManga site.

It would be very embarrassing to use KLManga under normal or school commute.

KLManga Ad Blocker


Manga1000 doesn't have an inspection function, so when I looked for "Watashi wa saba shimasu so" in the category, no results!

nyaa|You can read

If you search for "Watashi wa sabasaba shite dakara" in KLManga, you will find "Watashi wa sabasaba shite dakara" torrent.

However, the manga viewer or other software converted the fail and you can see "Watashi to sabasaba shite de tsukara".

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We have investigated how to read the manga "Watashi to sabasabashite dakara" on illegal manga sites.

We still recommend legal manga sites.