How to use Tabtter Free?

Updated on 2022-10-31
Tabtter is an information site that summarizes Japan's top tweets, hot tweets, video rankings, trends, etc. More than 18 erotic videos and hidden information are filtered and not displayed.

Tabtter Free,An online Twitter web client that allows you to switch between multiple accounts

The biggest feature is that a large number of tabs such as timeline, reply, DM, list, search, and profile can be displayed at the same time.
Equipped with quote RT, official retweet, and a function to reply to all when replying.
In addition to being able to reply when tweeting, simple input of hashtags, URL shortening , it is possible to hide specific users by filtering.

How to use Tabtter Free

Join Free

  1. Click the "Launch Client" button on the provider site.
  2. The Login window is displayed.Click the "Login to free version" button.
  3. Allows linking of Twitter accounts.
  4. The "Login password setting" page is displayed.Enter the password for your Tabtter login and click the Save button.
  5. The Password has been set page is displayed.

Click the Launch Client link.

Tabtter paid plan comparison

Tabtter has five paid plans.

The higher the plan, the more you can use the number and analysis functions that can be used with multiple accounts.

The basic monthly fee starts from 320 yen, but you can get a discount if you purchase all at once for one year.

Appearance of Tabtter

Tabtter Appearance

This is what Tatter looks like.

The tabs that you have freely added are lined up above, and the contents, timeline, etc. associated with the tabs are displayed below.

Tabtter also displays images and YouTube videos on the timeline, so you won't miss any interesting information.

Images on the timeline can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Tabtter can't play videos on PC browsers (Chrome) and often stop immediately

Since around 2021, even if you play videos with the browser-type Twitter client " TweetDeck " or " Tabbtter ", it has become more common that it stops immediately and cannot be played. You can see it on Twitter official, so I skipped the link and watched the official video, but it's still troublesome...

So I decided to raise my heavy waist and look for a way to deal with it.

Improved by disabling hardware acceleration in browser settings

Tabtter's help said that I should review my environment, so I thought that the browser was bad because I couldn't play videos, so I searched for "Chrome video stop - Youtube". (exclude YouTube search)

Then , I found an article that said, "It may be caused by the hardware acceleration of the browser ", so I tried it immediately.

① Open the Chrome setting screen

Click ︙ on the top left

Click "Settings".

② Open advanced settings

Click "Advanced Settings" at the bottom of "Settings".

③ Turn off hardware acceleration

Disable "Use hardware acceleration when available" from "System" in Advanced Settings .

④ Restart the browser

When you change the setting, the item "Restart" appears next to it, so click it. (PC is not restarted)

Not 100% but much improved

With hardware acceleration disabled, videos now play normally on TweetDeck and Tabtter .

However , it doesn't play 100%, but it seems that the percentage of normal playback has increased . Sometimes the video cannot be played because it cannot be read.

It can be improved considerably with one setting, so if you are in trouble, why not try it?