How to use sumahotv (smahotv) and similar sites!

Updated on 2023-02-09
sumahotv (sumah TV) is an illegal site to watch movies, dramas, and animations for free. Since it is illegal, many people are concerned about safety and other issues. In this article, we will investigate the safety of sumahotv (sumahotv) and similar sites.

sumahotv (sumah TV) is an illegal site to watch movies, dramas, and animations for free.

Since it is illegal, many people are concerned about safety and other issues.

In this article, we will investigate the safety of sumahotv (sumahotv) and similar sites.

How to use sumahotv (sumahotv)

Official site: sumahotv (sum ahotv)

Using sumahotv (sumahotv) is very simple.

Step 1: Find the video you want to play by keywords.

Step 2: Click on the video and play it.

That's it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of sumahotv (sumahotv)


The most significant advantage of sumahotv (sumahotv) is that all contents are available for free.

And the operating screen is simple, beautiful!

In addition, new content is automatically updated every day.


Since it is an illegal site operated overseas, there are many advertisements.

Also, there are no Japanese subtitles, and the viewing environment is unstable.

Safety of sumahotv (Smartphone TV)

We then investigated the safety of sumahotv (Sumahotv).

There are many advertisements!

2020年版】ネットでよく見るうざい・不快な広告一覧とキレイに消す方法【カラミざかり/ビビッドアーミー】 | labtechs-notes

There is always one pop-up ad (bottom right of the page) and one horizontal banner ad (bottom of the page) on sumahotv (Smartphone TV)'s site .

In addition to that, there are three banner ads in the upper right corner, especially on the video viewing page.

Please be careful not to click on them, as they are obviously not related to google or yahoo adsense and their safety is questionable.

Is it illegal just to browse?

使っちゃダメ!違法アップロード - アニメイト

Browsing does not violate copyright laws.

The acts regulated by copyright law are as follows

  • Uploading another person's copyrighted material without permission
  • Intentionally downloading illegally uploaded copyrighted works
  • Unauthorized use of one's own or others' copyrighted material on social networking sites, etc.
  • Operating a reach site (a site that leads users to illegal sites)

In other words, downloading sumahotv (smartphone TV) videos with the knowledge that they are illegal uploads is a violation of copyright law and may result in criminal penalties.

However, simply watching a video is not a violation of copyright law.

We recommend highly secure legal movie sites.



The most recommended site that is easier to use than sumahotv (Smart TV) is to use the free trial period of U-NEXT.


U-NEXT Features
  • 31-day free trial period!
  • Over 140,000 contents
  • 600 yen worth of the latest anime
  • Adult movies are also available
  • Over 70 magazines available for unlimited reading
  • Over 90,000 videos available for unlimited viewing!

  Free Trial

U-NEXT offers a 31-day free trial period.

This means that you can enjoy anime, videos, and magazines for free for the entire 31-day period!

Of course, if you cancel during the free period, you will not be charged.

This is the best service to watch anime for free.

Click here to take advantage of U-NEXT's free trial period!

ABEMA Premium

Next recommended site is ABEMA Premium, which is easier to use than sumahotv (Smart TV).

  ABEMA Premium

ABEMA Premium Features of ABEMA Premium
  • All the movies you can watch as much as you want
  • Instant playback of videos without ads
  • Watch from the beginning even during broadcast
  • Almost zero traffic by downloading
  • Enjoy comments even after the program has aired

  ABEMA Premium

ABEMA Premium ABEMA Premium

ABEMA Premium offers about 20 channels with a variety of programs including news, animation, drama, music, sports, and original programs.

Click here for 2 weeks free for first time users of ABEMA Premium!

Similar free movie sites to sumahotv

Free Home Theater

Official website:

Free Home Theater allows you to play foreign movies, Japanese movies, animations, and foreign dramas for free. When you select a movie, a detailed introduction is displayed.

Then, at the bottom of the movie page, you can select one of the many playback sources. For free playback, select "Dood" or "Tape.

Free Home Theater has a detailed movie introduction, but few of the newest movies

Shicho JP

Official website:

Shicho JP is a free movie site for language learning where you can watch foreign movies, dramas, and animations for free. This site automatically collects and uploads movie links from all over the Internet.

Watching movies on Shicho JP is the most convenient way and there are no advertisements. Recommendation.

There are Japanese movies as well as foreign movies and dramas, but most of them do not have subtitles, so please be aware of that.

To play a movie Open the page of the movie you want to play and select "Dood" as the viewing server under "Watch XXX movie for free".

Gyao Movie

Official website:

Gyao Movie is a free movie site where you can watch the latest hot movies and classic movies of the past. The site offers movies that are favored by many people in reviews and movies that are considered popular in movie rankings. This movie site is suitable for those who want to check out movies that are currently popular and for those who want to rewatch movies they have seen in the past.

Unfortunately, Gyao is discontinuing its service.

Youtube Free Movies

Youtube Movies is a free movie site that offers a wide variety of genres from action to comedy to animation. Movies are added and updated as needed, so you can always watch popular and topical movies.


Official website:

9tsu is a free movie site where you can watch Japanese, variety, drama and foreign movies. It features detailed categorization by genre, with categories for the latest and most popular movies, making it easy for users to search. This movie site is ideal for those who do not want to spend too much time searching.

Drama Style

It is a pity. It has been closed.

DramaStyle does not distribute movies itself, but rather compiles movie URLs from sites such as FC2 and PandoraTV. In addition to a wide variety of movies, there are also many domestic and international dramas.

Movie and Drama Summary

Official website:

This site is an integration of movie URLs on the Internet. Movie & Drama Summary" itself does not distribute movies and other materials. In addition to a wide range of movie resources, the site also offers a wide range of drama, foreign drama, and special drama resources.

Enjoying online movies here will definitely save your time. You can search for movies, dramas, and broadcast dramas by genre, release year, and broadcast date, or you can easily search directly by keyword.