What is Sen manga? How to use it and alternative sites!

Updated on 2022-11-22
In this article, we will investigate senmanga, a manga viewing site that has been around longer than Mangamura. We will also look at the basic usage of senmanga, whether there are any dangers such as viruses, and some manga sites that are more convenient than senmanga. Let's take a look at senmanga.

In this article, we will investigate senmanga, a manga viewing site that has been around longer than Mangamura.

We will also look at the basic usage of senmanga, whether there are any dangers such as viruses, and some manga sites that are more convenient than senmanga.

Let's take a look at senmanga.

How to use sen manga

sen manga

Select a letter of the alphabet from the menu bar at the top of the screen
Select a letter from the menu bar at the top of the screen and choose the manga you want to read.

On the top page, you can easily find newly added manga from Latest Update.

This site mainly covers weekly and monthly manga.

The earliest ones are published within a day or so of their release, so if you're interested, check it out!

Alternative sites to sen manga

Myreadingmanga (closed)

The first alternative site to sen manga is myreadingmanga.

myreadingmanga (myreadingmanga.info) is a free manga piracy site that mainly features BL (Boys' Love), YAOI, and BARA manga.

Unfortunately, it is now closed.

Combay (closed)

An alternative to sen manga is combay.

" combay (closed) " is a free manga piracy site opened in November 2021.

The design of the site is very simple, with the "Manga Combay" logo in the upper left corner, the words "Web Comics" in the middle, and a search field after that. It appears to be the successor to the previously established illegal manga site "Manga BANK.

Unfortunately, it is now closed.

WeLoveManga (which continues to operate)

Site 3, which replaces sen manga, is WeLoveManga.

WeLoveManga There was a phenomenon that prevented the site from being viewed and displayed, but it is now viewable again.

Various illegal manga sites exist, and they keep closing and coming back.

There is a high possibility that you may suddenly not be able to view or display them, but it is inevitable since they are originally free manga pirate sites.

Official website: https://welovemanga.one/

Fbay (closed)

The fourth site that can replace sen manga is Fbay.

The " Fbay is a successor manga free piracy site created after "mangabank" was closed.

However, since "Fbay" has already been closed, a successor site is now in the works!

The design of the site is almost the same as "Manga Bank", so it is said that only the name of the site and the administrator have changed.

Unfortunately, the site is now closed.

Erocool (closed)

Site 5, an alternative to sen manga, is erocool.

erocool is a free erocool pirate site where you can read erotic manga for free. However, erocool has been closed since February 2021 and is no longer available.

LoveHeaven (closed)

The alternative to sen manga is LoveHeaven.

LoveHeaven is a free erotic manga pirate site that allows users to view erotic manga for free without lovehug was closed for a time as a manga free pirate site because, like erocool, it posted manga without the permission of the rights holders.

Rawdevart (still in operation)

The alternative to sen manga is Rawdevart.

Rawdevart is an illegal website where you can read manga for free. And on Rawdevart, you cannot read famous manga. If anything, you can read many comic book versions based on web novels and light novels.

Official website:. https://rawdevart.com/

Manga RAW (which continues to operate)

Site 7, an alternative to sen manga, is manga RAW.

Mangaraw ( Mangaraw. Mangaraw) is a site where you can read manga for free.

Mangaraw.com has already been closed.

It is one of the alternative and successor sites to Mangamura and Mangabank, where manga can be viewed.

As of September 2022, the Manga RAW (manga1000.com) site is closed, but will reopen with the latest Manga RAW URL.

Official site: Mangaraw https://j8jp.com/

Manga play (closed)

The alternative site 8 to sen manga is manga play.

Manga PLAY is the next free site after Mangabank, COMBAY, and F-BAY. Like previous free sites, it is a pirate site where you can read manga for free.

Unfortunately, it is now closed.

mangagohan (closed)

An alternative to sen manga is mangagohan.

mangagohan (Manga-Man) is rumored to be the successor site to the previously operated pirated manga site Manga RAW. However, after much research, it appears that they are not related.

Risks and Dangers of Free Piracy of Manga

To begin with, operating a pirate site like sen manga is illegal. You may be subject to penalties.

As a case in point, the operator of the pirate site called "Manga Mura" was arrested on September 24, 2019.

On June 2, 2021, he was convicted by the Fukuoka District Court of 3 years in prison, a fine of 10 million yen, and an additional fine of approximately 62.57 million yen.

Nevertheless, pirate sites continue to operate because they can earn large amounts of income from advertising and other sources.

If you use pirate sites because you can read for free, there are the following dangers.

Dangers of pirate sites

  1. Getting infected with a virus
  2. Leading to malicious sites
  3. Leakage of personal information
  4. Battery and capacity drain

This section describes the dangers of each of these pirate sites.

1. danger of virus infection

Simply accessing pirate sites such as sen manga can cause your computer or smartphone to become infected with a virus and break.

As a result, you may have to pay for repairs, which in some cases may end up costing more than buying the manga. It is safer to use official sites than pirate sites.

2. risk of being directed to malicious sites

Pirate sites such as sen manga also display a large number of advertisements.

Simply clicking on those ads may result in a request for money for some reason.

3. leakage of personal information

Membership registration screens frequently appear on pirate sites such as sen manga, but becoming a member of a pirate site is extremely dangerous.

In many cases, pirate sites misuse the personal information obtained through membership registration.

For example, there is a risk that your credit card information will be misused without your knowledge, resulting in unaccounted-for expenses.

Social networking accounts are no exception.

Battery and point drain

Simply accessing pirate sites can drain a significant amount of battery and data space.

This is because some pirate sites, such as sen manga, contain scripts that generate virtual currency on their own just by accessing them.

Generating virtual currency consumes a large amount of battery and data space.

As a result, there are cases where the CPU usage reaches 100% and the device stops working or the battery runs out.

Safe sites to replace & succeed sen manga

Here we will check out some safe sites that can replace sen manga.

Comic Seymour

Comic Seymour is recommended as an alternative site to sen manga.

Comic Seymour is an authorized version distribution service operated by NTT Solmare Corporation, a subsidiary of NTT West.

The service has an 18-year track record since its launch in 2004, and has acquired the ABJ Mark, which approves the use of its content, so users can use the service with peace of mind.

Unlike "sen manga", "Comic Seymour" is a legitimate e-book service and offers more than 15,000 manga for free.

Also, when reading manga, sen manga can only be read with the application, but with Comic Seymour, manga can be read not only with the application but also in the browser.

Manga Kingdom

As an alternative to the dangerous and illegal sen manga site, we also recommend Manga Kingdom, which is operated safely and in compliance with the law.

Manga Kingdom boasts one of the largest manga collections in Japan, with over 3,000 titles available for free.

Manga Kingdom is a legal site with an ABJ mark, so you will not be charged under copyright law for reading manga for free.

Another attraction of Manga Kingdom is that points are redeemed at the time of purchase or use.

Since the point redemption rate per day is up to 50%, we recommend using Manga Kingdom for bulk purchases.

In addition, there are many services that allow you to purchase manga at a discount, such as "Visiting Point" which gives you 1 point per day and "Omikuji" which can be drawn twice a day.

Ameba Manga

Unlike the illegal sen manga, Ameba manga is safe and inexpensive.

The operating company of Ameba manga is CyberAgent, Inc. which provides "ABEMA", "Ameba Blog" and "Gramble Fantasy".

Unlike sen manga, not only is the operating company well established, but it has also acquired the ABJ mark, so it can be used with peace of mind.

Ameba manga offers more than 400,000 manga, of which more than 1,000 can be read for free.

In addition, you can save on up to 100 paid manga by using the 40% off coupon that you receive just for registering as a member.


U-NEXT is another recommended alternative to sen manga.

While sen manga only allows you to read manga, U-NEXT allows you to watch animation, movies, drama videos, and read magazines in addition to manga.

U-NEXT is a website that requires a monthly membership, but there is a 31-day free trial.

With the free trial, you can not only watch as many movies and read as many magazines as you want, but you can also get 600 yen worth of points for free.

With 600 points, you can purchase manga and rent new movies.

In addition, you can get up to 40% of your points back when you purchase manga.