Read Manga Comics in a Comfortable Atmosphere

Updated on 2022-10-25
Open common photos, auto-load all files from a defined directory, read Manga comics in a comfortable atmosphere, and set hotkeys.

The QManga reading program was developed with Manga comics in mind from the very beginning. It supports standard image formats such as png, gif, and jpg, in addition to archives (.zip, .rar, .cbz, .cbr). Because of this, the tool is able to show not only manga files but also regular graphic files as well.

Utility that is portable and has a straightforward user interface

It does not come packaged in a starter kit. You can instead choose to save the downloaded files to a USB flash drive or copy them to a desired directory on the hard disk. This will allow you to directly launch the application on any PC with the very minimum amount of work required. Although it does not affect the settings in the system registry, it does automatically create and update an.ini file before exiting in order to remember your preferences.

QManga - Online Manga Reader

The graphical user interface is represented by a window that has a typical appearance and a well-structured layout. To begin using the GUI, you can start by opening a file or folder that contains many files that will auto-load in sequential sequence.

Investigate the various Manga viewing choices

By default, QManga arranges the graphic files as soon as they are loaded, and it enables you to open the next photo in the sequence or to skip directly to any file after reviewing all of the available options in a list.

Images may be flipped, rotated, and opened in full screen mode at the user's discretion. In addition to other commands, the use of keyboard shortcuts is supported for navigating to the beginning or the end of the directory, moving forward by one page, and moving on to the following or the previous folder.

Modify the user interface layout and the shortcut keys

It is possible to customize the appearance of the user interface in a number of different ways, including hiding the menu and status bars, displaying the scrollbars, seeing two pages rather than one, turning off the Japanese reading mode, and displaying the menu and status bars in full screen.

In addition, it is possible to scale photos so that they fill the width or height of the window rather than the entire window, to maintain or increase the size of the images in their original format, or to alter the sensitivity of the manual and automatic scrolling. Both the mouse operations and the shortcut keys can be remapped to perform different functions (left, right and middle button, wheel).

Concluding thoughts and considerations

During our testing, the application performed without a hitch and exhibited a consistent state over its entire lifetime. The performance of the PC was not adversely affected in any way.

People who are looking for a Manga reader that is simple to use will have no trouble understanding how to use QManga because of its uncomplicated user interface and user-friendly settings.