[2023 Latest] Is Music FM back with a successor site? Real app investigation!

Updated on 2023-02-08
music fm locked out of app store due to crackdown on illegal music apps Of the many music apps such as music hd, music box, etc., which is the real Music FM app? In this article, we will investigate.

An app called "Music FM," which is available in the AppStore and Google Play store and allows users to listen to music for free, has become very popular.

However, it has been locked out of app stores due to a crackdown on illegal music apps.

Out of many music apps such as music fm, music hd, music box, etc., which is the real Music FM app?

In this article, we will investigate.

Music FM similar apps galore!

Since the free music app " Music FM " from the AppStore and Google Play Store has become so popular, another similar music app is also available with almost the same name like "Music FM 〜", so it is hard to know which one is the real one!

The common features of each app are

  • Listen to music for free
  • Enjoy low gigabytes of communication space
  • High functionality such as playlists and background playback
  • Many ads

The most common features of each app are

Music Box

Music Box just pulls videos from Youtube.

With so many ads, hard-to-use apps, and strange Japanese expressions, there's a good chance it's an illegal app developed overseas!


We also found out that this app called "MusicHD" is exactly the same app as the "Music Box popular music app" we introduced earlier.

With only a slight design change, the rankings, wording, usage, and functions are exactly the same.

The design is beautiful, but it is an app that just allows you to watch Youtube videos on this app over here, and ads are also displayed in vain.

Music Widget Popular Music Apps

Like the above-mentioned application, when I actually used it, it was an application only to be able to watch Youtube videos.

When I played music with the Music Widget Popular Music App, the video played.

The size of the advertisement is very large, and the advertisement is inserted in all pages.

Music FM Authentic App

Music FM authentic app is named " Music FM meet awesome music ".

It has an official website.

Music FM also has an official website, which used to be called the "Manga Mura" of music and had many songs, but now it has few songs and does not seem to distribute any Japanese music. In addition, there used to be a download link for the iPhone version of the application, but now the download link for the iPhone application has been removed and only the download link for the Android application is available.

The download links listed are not from the Google Play Store, but download the app (apk package) from your browser, which is dangerous and should not be done.

Dangers of Music FM

Music FM is an illegal music app, so you never know when it will be removed from the app store, when it will become unusable, or when you will not be able to listen to music.

Not only that, but it is also illegal to download music knowing that it has been illegally published, and using the above applications is a very dangerous practice.

There is also a fear of the following

- Leakage of personal information

- Virus infection of your phone

- Malfunction of your phone

- Imprisonment and fines

Instead of Music FM

Reco Choku

RecoChoku is a music distribution service by RecoChoku, a record company directly managed by a record company, with one of the largest selections of music in Japan.

From the latest songs to nostalgic classics. You can find the song you want! Listening is free!
Self-purchase available You can purchase your own favorite songs.
You can also link directly to popular songs of the time, such as drama theme songs!
Reward campaigns and bonus reward campaigns will be held from time to time.
You can buy from one song and it's free per month!  You can use the service easily, so it is easy to make a purchase.