Free Home Theater Reopening or Closing? Here's a free movie site to replace it!

Updated on 2022-11-08
Some of you may have been using a free home theater but are having trouble viewing it. Here is how to view free home theaters and alternative free movie sites.

Some of you may have been using a free home theater but are having trouble viewing it. Here is how to view free home theaters and alternative free movie sites.

What is Free Home Theater?

Official website:

Free Home Theater allows you to play foreign movies, Japanese movies, animations, and foreign dramas for free. When you select a movie, a detailed introduction is displayed.

Then, at the bottom of the movie page, you can select one of the many playback sources. For free playback, select "Dood" or "Tape.

Free Home Theater has a detailed movie introduction, but few of the newest movies

Has Free Home Theater been closed?

As it turns out, Free Home Theater is not closed.

The former URL "old" -> "new" will be changed.

We actually accessed the site and investigated whether it was possible to watch the videos, but the number of movies remained the same as before and we were able to watch the videos without any problems.

Instead of Free Home Theater, free movie site


Official site:

On the free movie and drama site muryoueiga, you can play and watch movies such as Harry Potter, Just Dropped My Phone, In This Corner of the World, Red Pig, Spirited Away, and My Neighbor Totoro for free.

To play a movie, simply click on the movie you want to play, select the "episode list" and the playback server, then play the movie.

Shicho JP

Official website:

Shicho JP is a free movie site for language learning where you can watch foreign movies, dramas, and animations for free. This site automatically collects and uploads movie links from the Internet.

Watching movies on Shicho JP is the most convenient way and there are no advertisements. Recommendation.

Not only foreign movies and dramas, but also Japanese movies are available, but most of them do not have subtitles, so please understand that.

To play a movie Open the page of the movie you want to play and select "Dood" as the viewing server under "Watch XXX movie for free".

Gyao Movie

Official website:

Gyao Movie is a free movie site where you can watch the latest hot movies and classic movies of the past. The site offers movies that are favored by many people in reviews and movies that are considered popular in movie rankings. This is a movie site suitable for those who want to check out movies that are currently popular and those who want to rewatch movies they have seen in the past.

Youtube Free Movies

Youtube Movies is a free movie site that offers a wide variety of movies from action to comedy to animation. Movies are added and updated as needed, so you can always watch popular and topical movies.

Free Movies for Your Dreams!

Official website:

The free movie site "Free Movies for Dreaming" allows users to watch not only new movies, but also movies that are more than half a century old. The site offers a variety of genres, including Japanese films and animation, and even foreign films are divided into dubbed and subtitled categories, making it an easy-to-use site for users.


Official website:

9tsu is a free video site where you can watch Japanese, variety, drama and foreign movies. The site features detailed categorization by genre, with categories for the latest and most popular movies, making it easy for users to search. This movie site is ideal for those who do not want to spend too much time searching.

Drama Style

It is a pity. It has been closed.

DramaStyle does not distribute movies itself, but rather compiles movie URLs from sites such as FC2 and PandoraTV. In addition to a wide variety of movies, there are also many domestic and international dramas.

Movie and Drama Summary

Official website:

This site is an integration of movie URLs on the Internet. Movie & Drama Summary" itself does not distribute movies and other materials. In addition to a wide range of movie resources, the site also offers a wide range of drama, foreign drama, and special drama resources.

Enjoying online movies here will definitely save your time. You can search for movies, dramas, and broadcast dramas by genre, release year, and broadcast date, or you can easily search directly by keyword.

Is Free Home Theater Dangerous?

There is a risk of getting a virus by using illegal sites.

This risk is especially high on sites where videos are distributed illegally.

There is a good chance that you will be infected with a virus just by accessing the site.

What exactly is the damage caused by a virus? There are four main types of damage

  • Leakage of personal information
  • Your computer or smartphone is hijacked
  • Your PC/smartphone slows down or does not start up
  • Battery drain/increased traffic

I would like to explain them one by one.

Leakage of personal information

If infected with a virus, personal information may be leaked.

By being infected with a virus, the personal information stored in your PC or smartphone

IDs, passwords, credit card information

and credit card information stored on your computer or smartphone can be extracted.

As a result, you could find yourself making purchases you don't even know you made.

Battery drain and increased traffic

Mining viruses are a recent trend in virtual currency. This is a virus that uses other people's computers without their permission in order to obtain the recently popular virtual currency.

If you are infected with this virus, your computer will be used without your knowledge. This results in increased battery drain and communication.

This would result in higher monthly Internet bills.

Is it illegal to download from free home theaters?

Everyone knows that it is illegal to operate a pirate site.

In fact, please note that it is illegal not only for the operator but also for the downloader.

The copyright law will change in January 2020, making it illegal to download videos, cartoons, novels, photos, etc. knowing that they are illegally distributed.

The penalty for illegal downloading is imprisonment for not more than 2 years or a fine of not more than 2 million yen.

A person who infringes copyright or neighboring rights by receiving an automatic public transmission (omitted) that infringes copyright or neighboring rights by making a digital recording or sound recording with knowledge of such fact shall be punished by imprisonment with work for not more than two years or a fine of not more than two million yen, or both.

This means that there is a risk of being arrested for illegal downloading on pirate sites.