What is Mika Yoshino now? We also introduce a predatory marriage with Kazutoshi Sakurai and 6 black rumors!

Updated on 2022-10-25
This time, we will investigate Mika Yoshino and Kazutoshi Sakurai. Mika Yoshino marries Kazutoshi Sakurai by robbery? Introducing eyewitness information and background during the riot!

Mika Yoshino may not be the most obvious person, but in the 1990s she was active as a sexy talent and is currently married to Kazutoshi Sakurai, the vocalist of Mr. Children.

At the time, this marriage became a topic of discussion as a “marriage of predatory marriage” that started from an affair , unlike an ordinary marriage .

This time, we will investigate Mika Yoshino and Kazutoshi Sakurai.

Mika Yoshino marries Kazutoshi Sakurai by robbery? Introducing eyewitness information and background during the riot!

Mika Yoshino and Kazutoshi Sakurai's affair was taken up as an example of past celebrity affairs in the affair between Becky and Kawatani of Gesu Goku.

From the young people who knew for the first time, "Eh! Is that so? The two of them made a noise on the internet at the time with a surprised voice .

What is Mika Yoshino's upbringing?

Mika Yoshino's profile is here.

Name: Mika Yoshino
Real name: Mika Sakurai
Date of birth: August 31, 1971
Height: 163 cm
Blood type: O

Details such as Mika Yoshino's upbringing are unknown, but her family was poor and she grew up in a single-father household .

In entertainment activities, she was a former member of the sexy idol unit called Giri Giri Girls, and was active as a talent and singer.

On TV, she appeared in sex appeal programs such as "Gilgamesh Ito" and "Heisei Jogakuen" .

Who is Mika Yoshino's ex-husband?

Mika Yoshino's ex-husband is sometimes mentioned on the internet, but Mika Yoshino's marriage to Kazutoshi Sakurai is the first marriage, and there is no ex-husband.

Many people search for Kazutoshi Sakurai's ex-wife in his second marriage, so it seems likely that he is confused .

By the way, Kazutoshi Sakurai's ex-wife is Yukari, who supported Mr. Children as their manager since their major debut.

Did you meet Kazutoshi Sakurai at a joint party?

Mr. Kazutoshi Sakurai, who was married at the time, seems to have been under a lot of stress due to the mix of public and private matters, probably because his ex-wife, Yukari, was also his manager .

Kazutoshi Sakurai, who was at the peak of his popularity, had no place to rest at home or at work.

Kazutoshi Sakurai, who has a child, is robbed from his ex-wife

At that time, weekly magazines often made jokes about the relationship between the two, and they were free to say anything, including things that weren't there .

The news about Mika Yoshino, such as "Mika Yoshino has always liked to take other men" and "the type who is amiable and uses her sex appeal as a weapon", has become extreme, and Kazutoshi Sakurai, who has a wife and daughter, has become popular in the world. I made it permeate the world as a woman who took it .

Apologizing while getting wet in the rain

According to the photographer I interviewed at the time,

"I'm going to get out of the car and say, ' I'll tell you everything, so please don't let her go. I'll take care of it as much as I can. " He bowed his head with his T-shirt soaked in the storm. It looked good."

It seems that I felt the chivalrous spirit in Kazutoshi Sakurai who honestly said .

There are many people who run away and hide due to scandals, but for some reason I have a good impression when they are dealt with sincerely like Mr. Kazutoshi Sakurai.

Did you dedicate a song to your daughter who was heartbroken by an affair?

Her daughter, Yuka, who was 6 years old at the time , had been looking for her father, who had never returned .

It is said that Kazutoshi Sakurai asked her family, "Where is Daddy? Where is Daddy? "

My daughter is a member of Nogizaka and my sister is an AV actress? 5 shocking rumors about Mika Yoshino!

From here, I will introduce the shocking rumors of Mika Yoshino.

We will investigate the truth, such as why Kazutoshi Sakurai and Yukari's ex-wife's daughter was rumored to be "actually a member of Nogizaka" and why "Mika Yoshino's sister is actually an AV actress" .

Rumor 1: Daughter is a member of Nogizaka?

Sakurai Kazutoshi's daughter is Yuka Sakurai , but there were rumors that she might be Nogizaka's Reika Sakurai because their names are similar.

However, it seems that it was a gossip due to a misunderstanding of the difference in the year of birth.

Rumor ②: Sister is an AV actress?

It was rumored that Mika Yoshino's younger sister might be Kimika Yoshino, who has experience appearing in AV .

It was rumored that Kimika Yoshino has the same name as "Yoshino", that she is from Kanagawa Prefecture, and that she is only 4 years old. It turns out .

Rumor 3: A pretty scary wife?

In fact, Mika Yoshino is a famous story in the music industry as “Koroshitsuma” .

It is said that the reason why he created the studio in his home was to follow the advice of Mika Yoshino, who wanted to prioritize family time . Or, when the child was still attending kindergarten, Kazutoshi Sakurai, who came home in the morning, made a bento and sent it to kindergarten .

Nowadays, it's common for dads to help with housework, but at the time, it was rumored that they were blackmailed.

Rumor 4: Was there a rich patron?

According to the story revealed by a former member , it is said that there was a relationship with a person in the industry who seemed to have money, and there was a rich patron who was the president .

I grew up in a poor family, so it's possible that I was longing for an affluent lifestyle, but I don't know who the patrons were or if they actually existed.

Rumor 5: A repeat offender who lies and steals?

Also, in another revealed story, it is said that `` I have always had a hobby of picking people's things. ''

According to Takashi Okamura of Ninety-Nine, "Even though I was asked for my phone number and declined it, I hate it when I learn that Yoshino later says, 'Okamura insistently asked me for my phone number.' Sakurai-san is deceived," he said.

What is the current state of Mika Yoshino? Verify the latest sighting information and Instagram!

What kind of activities is Mika Yoshino doing these days ?

We will verify eyewitness information and Instagram.

Is Mika Yoshino sick?

The story of a person named Mika Yoshino appeared in the "Special Feature on Breast Cancer" that was reported on a TV program.

There are also similar kanji characters, and it seems that it became a rumor that "Mika Yoshino has breast cancer?"

It's completely outrageous, but Mika Yoshino's breast cancer is a fake story .

Is Mika Yoshino currently a full-time housewife?

After retiring from the entertainment industry, Mika Yoshino is raising three children as a full-time housewife .

From meeting to marriage, there are ups and downs, but now it seems that they are living happily because they are not even featured in weekly magazines .

What is the latest state of Mika Yoshino?

Mika Yoshino retired from the entertainment world when she got married, and there have been no sightings since then.

It seems that there is a high possibility that he has not appeared on the front stage, as there have been quite dark rumors about his affair .

In the most recent photo taken, she is seen riding an Audi Q7 (a luxury foreign car) that costs nearly 10 million yen and coming out of a large mansion rumored to cost more than 1 billion yen. It doesn't seem to change .

His son is drummer kaito

Kaito , who started working in a four-member group called Inner Journey from 2019, was actually the son of Kazutoshi Sakurai and Mika Yoshino, which surprised the world .

He is currently active not only in music group activities, but also in a wide range of fields such as stage performances and acting, and is attracting attention in the future .

TV Asahi "10 Count to the Future"
Stage "Mr. Kamatsuka, Stretching Wings"
Movie "Lie Kui" TV
Tokyo "I Want to Say I Love You"
TBS "King's Brunch" Regular
J-WAVE "PSMF" Navigator
SNS Drama "He Only at 22:00 on Wednesday"

What is Mika Yoshino now? We also introduce a predatory marriage with Kazutoshi Sakurai and 6 black rumors! summary of

Kazutoshi Sakurai and Mika Yoshino's predatory marriage is almost always revived when an affair occurs in the entertainment world, but it seems that the marriage relationship continues and they are living happily ever after .

It seems that he will not come back to the front stage because there are quite dark rumors about the affair.

I think that I will continue to support Kazutoshi Sakurai as a wife and my son kaito as a mother behind the scenes.