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Updated on 2022-09-26
We recommend sites where you can read free manga instead of your favorite lovehug. All of these sites are in operation as of 2022.

In this section, we will review lovehug's reputation.

We also recommend free manga sites to replace your favorite lovehug.

All of these sites are operating as of 2022.

Please take a look at them before the end for sure.

What is lovehug anyway?

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  • What is lovehug?
  • What is lovehug's reputation?
  • What is lovehug?

lovehug is an illegal website where manga were illegally posted without the permission of the rights holders.

It is now closed, and if you access lovehug, you will be forced to go to another URL.

What is lovehug's reputation?

Here are some reviews of lovehug posted on the Internet.

As you can see, there were some people who were aware of the illegality of lovehug, but posted something implying that they were going to use it.

However, lovehug is undeniably an illegal site and you should not use it because of the risk of virus infection.

Is lovehug closed and unavailable for viewing? Are similar clone sites being resurrected?

Here we will review clone sites similar to lovehug.

Clone sites similar to lovehug

== lovehug

  • LoveHeaven
  • LHScan
  • RawLH
  • Rawdevart
  • Rawkuma


Like lovehug, this site was temporarily closed as a site because it was posting cartoons without the permission of the rights holders.

However, as of September 2022, when accessing the URL of loveHeaven, a site called "NeneG9" appears.

It is unclear whether the operator is the same, but NeneG9 is a Web site with a dubious atmosphere.


LHScan is a Web site that is said to be the predecessor of LoveHeaven, the predecessor of lovehug.

It is now closed and does not carry any illegal cartoons.


RawLH is an illegal website that operated before LHScan was created.

It is now closed and inaccessible.


Rawdevart, like lovehug, is a site where comics are illegally published.

As of September 2022, it is still in operation and accessible.

The language of the site is English, but a variety of Japanese manga are illegally available.


Rawkuma is an unauthorized site that is still in operation.

The site offers a large number of manga that have not been licensed by the rights holders, and includes very popular titles such as "One Piece" and "Kingdom".

However, the language of the Web site is English, and the works are available for download as a method of use.

While we recognize that this is an illegal site, you should never use it to download works, as you may be subject to penalties.

Similar to lovehug? List of similar and clone sites to lovehug

Below is a summary of sites similar to lovehug and clone sites that have been shut down.


RawLH is a site with servers located overseas where you can view manga for free.

Since the servers are located overseas, the site does not support Japanese and is only written in English, but the manga are updated frequently and there are quite a few accesses from Japan.

Moreover, there are more than 2,000 manga titles available on RawLH, so you can enjoy both the latest manga and older manga.

Because of these characteristics, many people seem to regard it as an alternative to the former Mangamura.

In fact, RawLH was opened to the public after Mangamura was closed.

The site is operated by donation.

Donations can be made from the "DONATION" page.



Rawdevart is an illegal website where you can read manga for free.

And on such Rawdevart, you can read

  • Kingdom
  • Bakido
  • Platinum End
  • Toriko
  • Gintama

and other famous manga cannot be read. If anything, you can read many comic book versions based on web novels and light novels.

Of course, the site is not currently closed and can be accessed and browsed at any time. It is also true that the usability of the site is superior to other illegal sites, as there are less obtrusive and malicious advertisements.

Since it is an illegal site, it is possible that Rawdevart's operators will take measures to prevent arrests and that access to the site may be temporarily suspended.

However, since the recognition of Rawdevart is lower than that of MangaBANK and Mangaraw, it is not likely that access to Rawdevart will be interrupted as often as it should be.


Rawkuma is an illegal website where you can enjoy manga and comics for free.

The site contains many comic versions of web novels such as Narrow and Haarumen, which are published for free on the web.

The site is popular among people who like manga because the latest stories are published immediately and there are a large number of stories on the site.


One of the many illegal manga sites
Manga Raw (manga1001) is an illegal manga site similar to "Manga Mura" and "Hoshi no Romi," which once became a social problem. It is also commonly referred to as a "pirate site.

There are two types of sites, the original and mirror sites, both of which have simple layouts and large thumbnails for easy viewing.

The manga lineup is relatively large and includes many well-known manga and some adult manga, and the site itself seems to have a rather large number of advertisements.


Lovehug (Lovehaven) has been closed.

There are many illegal sites that can replace Lovehug, such as Manga Raw, Raw Manga, Manga 1000, Manga Gohan, Manga 1002, Manga ZIP, and comic.top.

Please download the site you like.