What is KakaoTalk, how is it different from LINE, and how to use it?

Updated on 2022-12-26
Have you ever wanted to check if someone is blocked on KakaoTalk, for example, if they are not replying to you? So, in this issue, we will introduce the latest block confirmation method, which is not so different from the year 2022. We will also explain what you "can" and "cannot" do if KakaoTalk is blocked.

KakaoTalk is a free email application that allows users to easily send and receive messages in Japan and overseas.
The service also offers free voice and video calling for up to five people, but you may want to check various things before actually installing the service.

In this article, we will introduce a wide range of KakaoTalk's features, user reviews and reputation.
Please read to the end to learn how to use KakaoTalk.


What is the chat tool KakaoTalk?


Simple and comfortable talk functionality

KakaoTalk allows users to send and receive messages not only one-to-one, but also in groups with unlimited number of members. The simple design allows users to quickly share various information such as text messages, photos, voice, and videos. Photos and links sent and received in each talk room can be listed on the talk board. In addition, by adding popular artists and brands as friends, users can obtain original content, coupons, and other special information.

Voice and video call function for up to 5 participants

KakaoTalk calls can be joined by up to five people and can be used both domestically and internationally without worrying about time. There is also a voice changer feature that allows you to change your voice and talk in an interesting way.


Differences between KakaoTalk and LINE

KakaoTalk" allows free calls and talk exchanges, but many people may be using "LINE" which has similar functions. "LINE" is a service that allows free calls and talk transmission, just like "KakaoTalk". Although similar, the two services are not exactly the same and have different functions, which are explained below.

(1) The number of people you can create a group with is different.

KakaoTalk has a function to create "groups" when you want to communicate with multiple people. While LINE only allows up to 100 people to be added as members, KakaoTalk has no limit on the number of members. However, for personal use, there is not much difference between KakaoTalk and LINE since it is unlikely to create a group with more than 100 members.

(2) The "read" method is different.

There is also a difference in the display of whether the other person or group member has read or not read the message you sent. On KakaoTalk, the number of unread messages is displayed next to the message, and once everyone has read the message, nothing is displayed next to the message.

(3) Various ways to send stamps

When using LINE's stamp function, it is common to mistakenly tap twice and send the wrong stamp. On KakaoTalk, after selecting a stamp, you must tap the "Send" button to send it to the recipient. This prevents you from sending the wrong stamp.

4) There is a difference in SNS integration.

LINE is linked to Facebook applications, while KakaoTalk is currently not linked to other SNS applications. However, KakaoTalk has strong integration with non-SNS apps, so please compare with other apps you normally use.

(5) No Timeline function

LINE has a social networking function called "Timeline" in addition to direct messages and calls between friends, but KakaoTalk does not. Instead, KakaoTalk has a "Manga" function within the application, which allows users to read manga e-books.

How to use KakaoTalk

Account Registration

To use KakaoTalk, you must first install the application and register an account. After installation and opening the application, you will first be asked to access your contacts. You will then be asked to confirm your phone number.

Invite a Friend

Create a talkgroup and invite your friends.
There are two ways to invite friends: "invite" them with a QR code or "search" them by ID or name. First, search for someone you know and send them a friend request. If you can't find them, you can share the QR code and ask them to add you. Also, if you set the setting to allow automatic registration from contacts, they will be automatically synced with the current KakaoTalk user and added as a friend. If you do not want automatic synchronization, please turn it off from the settings.

Start video call

KakaoTalk is an application that allows you to enter a "talk room" and chat or make voice/video calls with people gathered there. For smooth communication, it is recommended to set up your profile in advance.