[Shock Gross] What is the content of the live Mexico video? The truth about the brutal murder!

Updated on 2022-10-25
"Living Mexico" is famous for its cruel execution videos .And it is said that there is a possibility of being infected with a virus by watching videos .

"Living Mexico" is famous for its cruel execution videos .

Because the content is so grotesque, it is said that it is "fake video or synthetic?"

It is a video released by a Mexican drug organization, but why did you play this video?

And it is said that there is a possibility of being infected with a virus by watching videos .

There are spoilers about the truth of the incident and the contents of the video, so I would like to talk about whether this video is really a fake video or a synthetic video, translation of the video, and virus infection.

Please be assured that this article does not include URLs or links that lead to the relevant videos.
However, it is an article with rather bizarre content, so if you are not good at grotesque expressions, please back up your browser or read with caution.

'Living Mexico' is a word you should never search for

Do you know "words that should not be searched"?

At that time, it became popular on the Internet to enter "words that should not be searched" into search engines such as Google and see the search results.

It seems that the hit search results were often grotesque and cruel videos and images.

Among them, "Living Mexico" is known as a top-class cruel video that can not be seen until the end.

If you search for it, you will definitely regret it and receive a mental shock, so it is no exaggeration to say that it is a representative of "words that should not be searched."

What is "living Mexico"?

"Mexico Live" is a video of public executions that was shown to the world by a drug cartel as an example.

It is rumored to be related to ongoing conflicts between drug cartels and governments that crack down on them.

Also, this video is not just one, but it seems that there are multiple, but all of them are cruel anyway.

The famous video on the Internet is a video of a parent and child being executed, but there are several other videos of executions, and they are collectively called "Living Mexico".

What is the actual video content of "Living Mexico"?

Living Mexico, as the name suggests, refers to multiple videos of people being tortured and executed alive.

There are various methods of execution, but all of them are highly cruel, such as decapitation and taking out the heart.

The videos are of executions of people caught as a result of conflicts against rival drug gangs and security services.

In addition, this kind of groovy video is often not mosaic processed, but of course live Mexico is no exception, and it has a graphic content with a large amount of blood and lumps of meat reflected.

From here, I will introduce about 3 famous videos about "Living Mexico" that you should watch carefully.

Contents of the video ①: Parent-child murder

The first video to introduce is the most famous video in "Mexico Live" where a parent and child are murdered.

This video is quite shocking, and after the father is murdered, the son is stripped of his flesh while he is still alive, and finally his heart is taken out.

In addition, the son who saw his father's death is shown crying all the time, and it is not only gross but also mentally damaging.

Further investigation revealed that the father and son were members of one of the drug syndicates, "Guardia Guerrense," and were executed by assassins affiliated with the hostile organization "Sinaloa Cartel" boss "El Mayo." is not it.

It may have been a fate like this because I belonged to a drug organization with my parents, but I can see the horror of drug cartels when I kill them in such a cruel way.

Parent-Child Murder 1: Father's End

Let's take a closer look at the video of the shocking parent-child murder.

When the video begins, the father and son are shown naked and restrained, sitting on the ground.

Below is the content of the video ↓

The father is blindfolded and beaten repeatedly with a club by a member of the enemy organization.
One member is blaming his father for something in a harsh tone.

When the beating is over, one member slashes the father's neck with a knife, then cuts it again and again.
A large amount of blood bleeds from his father's neck when he slashed about halfway.

Father's head is cut off after heavy bleeding.
A member of the organization throws his father's head on the spot.

In this way, my father met his end in unimaginable pain as he was beheaded alive.

During that time, the father screamed inaudibly, but finally he looked up at the sky and blinked expressionlessly before dying.

The father's mysterious expression is captured as if he was prepared for death.

Parent-child murder 2: son's torture

The member of the organization that killed the father then shifts the target to the son.

When the son saw his father dying, he cried and backed away in terror.

And from here, the torture that surpasses the decapitation of the father is given to the son.

Below is the content of the video ↓

A member of the organization stabs his son in the chest and back with a knife from behind.
One member peels off the skin to scrape the flesh of the chest from the stabbed part.

A member who continues to scrape off the meat.
At that time, both hands are accidentally released and my son desperately resists.

Other members of the organization hold down my son, and he becomes unable to move.
A member of the organization from earlier peels off the skin all the way to the abdomen, avoiding only the heart.

The exposed ribs and heart are projected.
My son is barely breathing, so I can see his internal organs moving with his breathing.
↓ One
member cuts off the ribs with a knife and pulls them out of the son's body.
Furthermore, the heart is separated from the body.

Finally put the heart on the son and pierce it with a knife.

In this way, my son met the worst end of being skinned from the chest to the abdomen while alive, the internal organs were mangled, and the heart was cut off .

After the video was filmed, the bodies of this parent and child, who both had the worst ending, were apparently dismembered and found in the mountains.

Contents of the video ②: Cut the chest with a knife

The following "Living Mexico" is a video of a man who was executed by having his chest cut off with a knife.

When the video starts, a man is restrained in a naked state and is shown being trampled by his feet.

Below is the content of the video.

The victim stomps on the victim's face and slashes his chest with a knife.
As it is, a deep cut is made in the man's chest.

The man cries out in pain, but the other party yells at him.
A man has a square cut in his chest.
↓ When
the opponent makes a cut, the man who strips off the skin and flesh with his bare hands
is convulsing his body.
↓ The
opponent cuts the part where the cut is not enough with a knife, and then scrapes the meat with the knife.
Finally, the man's heart is taken out and stabbed.

In this way, a man is killed by cutting his chest into squares with a knife and stabbing him in the heart while he is still alive.

The man has been convulsing all the time, so maybe he was breathing until he was stabbed in the heart.

Also, the other person seems to be quite accustomed to dismantling humans, and the appearance of quickly doing the work like handling a fish further expresses the fear of this video.

Contents of the video ③: Amputation of both legs and both hands while alive

The third, "Living Mexico", is a video of a man who was executed by having his limbs cut off while he was still alive.

When the video begins, a man in his underwear is restrained, and is shown holding his hair and raising his chin.

Below is the content of the video ↓

The other party thrusts a machete into the man's throat.
(A threat to cut off his head if he moves?)

The other party violently swings down the machete to cut off the man's ankle.
However, it fails and part of his ankle is still connected.

The opponent grabs the man's ankle and forcibly tears it off, cutting off the man's ankle.

After that, the opponent lays the man on the ground and tries to cut off his arm this time.
A machete is moved like a saw from around the armpit of his right arm, and his right arm is amputated.

The other arm is also cut from the armpit and his left arm is amputated.

In this way, while the man was alive, his limbs were cut off in order of ankle → right arm → left arm.

It seems that the man was so weak that he did not know whether he was alive or not when his right arm was cut off.

Also, unlike other videos, she is tortured in her underwear, probably because her clothes got in the way when she dismantled her...

What is the translation in the video?

A translation of the words in the video suggests that the two probably passed the information on to rival drug gangs or the police.

A member of the enemy organization seems to be torturing his father, asking, "Why did you leak the information!?" seems to be saying

However, since there is no actual translation, the only theory is that it is conveyed in this way.

What does "living" in "living Mexico" mean?

"Living Mexico" came to be called "living Mexico" because the victims were tortured and killed while they were "alive" .

The way he tortures people alive as much as possible without killing them is cruel and has become world-famous.

Is the "Mexico in Life" video fake?

In "Living Mexico", the victims are protesting even though their bodies are being dismantled .

However, since the corpse was actually found , it turned out to be a real execution video, not a fake video or synthetic.

The reason it's called a fake video is because the victim was repeatedly stabbed with a knife into his body, and his skin was peeled off, revealing his internal organs.

Normally, it would be impossible to move at that point, but it still screams and resists, so people who see it can't believe it, and they say it's a fake video or synthetic.

What is the view of Mexico alive?

Of course, the video of "Living Mexico", which turned out to be real, was not mosaiced, and the bodies of the victims who had completely changed are clearly visible.

As for how to watch the video of "Living Mexico", you can watch it by searching with a search engine such as Google.

As a procedure, if you search for "Living Mexico", the corresponding Yahoo Chiebukuro page will be hit.

If you fly from the URL listed on that page, a video of a parent-child murder titled '[Reading notice] [Mexico] Drug cartel tortures two members of a hostile organization, takes out their hearts alive and kills them' can see

"Re: File", where the videos are posted, is a site that introduces grotesque images and gore videos from around the world, but it seems that some of the videos have passwords set so that they cannot be viewed casually. is.

The password for the video is also listed in Chiebukuro, so don't worry if you want to see it.

By the way, from another information, if you search for "Browsing attention Alive heart", it seems that you can see other videos of "Living Mexico".

Why are videos like 'Mexico alive' uploaded?

So why is a video like "Mexico alive" uploaded?

It seems that not only the people involved in the hostile organization, but also the general public are involved in the execution, but why is such a cruel act repeated?

Also , why bother uploading a video of the execution while still alive?

Let's take a closer look at why.

Showdown by drug cartels

Why are you posting such cruel videos ?

The reason for this is that the drug organization shows the hostile organization the horror of their own organization .

By deliberately executing them alive, they seem to repeat this kind of act so that no one will go against the organization.

Warning to other organizations

It seems that the reason for repeating cruel acts to warn opposing organizations is that there are many opposing organizations .

Drug cartels are active in Mexico, where drug trafficking is thriving.

Drug trafficking and trading can be hugely lucrative, and every organization actively embraces it.

For that reason, there are quite a few hostile organizations, and even more politicians and police are bribed, and those who do not obey may be killed together with their families.

It seems that they are executing and playing videos as a warning so that they can not go against themselves like this.

Reinforcement against betrayal by peers

Cruelty seems to be effective not only against enemy organizations, but also against relatives.

By thoroughly torturing and killing the other party with multiple members, it can be seen as a check against members who try to betray their comrades.

By indirectly threatening other companions, saying, "If you betray me, you'll suffer this kind of pain! "

The reason why drug cartels are organized is not because of goal achievement or good organizational relationships, but because fear dominates and organizes members.

What is the reason for the brutal killing like living Mexico?

Why are there such brutal killings in Mexico?

In the past, organizations were united to a certain extent, as if a large-scale organization took in a small organization.

However , after a certain event, the conflict between the drug cartels worsened, and the relationship seemed to deteriorate.

In addition, Mexico is quite unsafe and in fact most of the security services are not functioning, which is said to be the reason why such cruel acts are rampant .

Let's dig deeper into Mexico's drug cartels and see why so many brutal executions occur.

Mexico drug war begins

First, let's take a look at why relations between drug cartels have deteriorated so far in Mexico.

Drug cartels have long caused many incidents due to scramble for land to cultivate and turf wars, and many civilians as well as those involved have been killed.

Feeling a sense of crisis about this situation, the then president of Mexico dispatched the military to eradicate the drug cartels in 2006 . War" has begun.

The damage caused by the war was by no means small, and nearly 5,000 bodies were found in this violent armed conflict.

However, as a result of the war, the scale of the drug cartel organization itself contracted and achieved results, but this seems to have had the opposite effect.

Unfortunately, a series of small drug cartels that were separated from the larger ones led to more conflicts between the organizations, which the police were unable to deal with.

In this way, it is said that the number of small drug cartels increased due to the large armed war with the government, and the conflict between the organizations increased and the relationship deteriorated .

What is the brutal drug cartel Los Zetas?

There are various drug cartels in Mexico, but the most violent among them is the drug cartel "Los Zetas".

Los Zetas is known as the most ruthless drug cartel in history and the most dangerous by the US government.

At the time, it was the number one force in the country, so there were many feuds with other organizations, and conflicts were quite frequent among drug cartels.

However , Los Zetas was as large as the military, and many of the members were ex-military or former members of the Special Forces.

Therefore, members who were good at handling weapons played an active role in the conflict, and some even brought out weapons to fight.

The drug cartel, which has gathered only elite mafias who have undergone rigorous training, is probably why they have won many victories in conflicts and expanded their power.

Los Zetas leader Heriberto Lazcano

So what kind of person is the leader of Mexico's most heinous "Los Zetas"?

The leader of Los Zetas is known as "Eriberto Lazcano" and is known as the most brutal person in the organization .

As a result of his becoming the top executive, he hired military personnel, special forces, police, etc. throughout Mexico and greatly increased the number of members, expanding it to a large-scale organization of 10,000 people.

Also known as the "executor/executor", the U.S. government put a huge bounty of about $5 million on him.

Mexico hits record number of murders in 2019

Due to drug cartels in Mexico, the police do not function and the dangerous zone has become almost a lawless zone.

The number of crimes surged in the wake of the war on drugs, as the Security Service, which was supposed to crack down on crime, was weakened.

As a result , the number of murders hit a record high of 36,690 in 2019.

It is also said that some police officers let go of bribes, and some are involved in organ trafficking.

It may be that criminals and police officers are cohesive like this, and heinous crimes are not cracked down.

Of course, because the police are not functioning, there seems to be no end to the damage to civilians.

About 43 times the number of murders in Japan

Even if you know the number of murders in Mexico, some people may not be able to get a concrete number, so let's compare the numbers with Japan.

In 2021, the number of murders recognized in Japan, that is, the number of murders recognized by the police was 800.

A simple calculation shows that Mexico has about 43 times as many murders as Japan, but Japan actually has almost the same population as Mexico.

In other words, the fact that there is a considerable difference in the number of murders in countries with similar populations suggests that murders are occurring more frequently.

Moreover, it is a number that expresses that the level of unsafeness is unimaginable.

Watching "Living Mexico" may cause virus infection!

It is rumored that watching "Mexico Live" will infect the virus, but what happens if you actually watch it?

If you watch a site with live Mexico videos, you'll get a virus, right?

I didn't come, but if I watched it with my friends out of curiosity, I regretted it, so it's better not to watch it~ (I gave up halfway through.

Viruses will not be detected. I think that something like "8 viruses were detected. You can solve this by downloading this app" is often displayed, but that is a lie, so don't worry.

In this way, the virus seems to be fine for viewing.

However, it seems that there is a possibility that you will be guided to a strange and different site at the stage of searching and be infected with a virus .

So it's better not to search blindly and click on everything that comes up.

What words should not be searched other than "living Mexico"?

"Living Mexico" is famous as a word that should not be searched, but there are many other "words that should not be searched".

All the videos that come up when I search for them are grotesque , cruel, and difficult to watch until the end.

From here, I will introduce the "words" that have top-class cruelty videos, with spoilers.

Words you shouldn't search for 1. "Instantly understand overseas"

It's a name that makes you think you'll find a website that introduces overseas when you hear " I can understand foreign countries in an instant ", but it's actually a video that contains a very cruel murder.

It seems that it is not uncommon for overseas gangs to show such videos to hostile organizations.

This video shows a man being decapitated and dismembered in just over a minute .

It would be better to say "I can understand the horror of overseas gangs in an instant" rather than "I can understand overseas in an instant ".

Words that should not be searched ② "Ukraine 21"

Next is the serial murder case "Ukraine 21" caused by three boys.

In this video, a man who cannot move is beaten with a blunt object, then stabbed all over his body with an ice pick, and his eyeballs are tried to be taken out with an ice pick.

The man continues to groan and resists as hard as he can, but in the end he is hit in the head with a hammer and dies.

Words you shouldn't search for ③ "Mexican cutter"

After introducing it so far, the name " Mexican cutter " sounds really scary .

It's a video of a man being tortured , like a show between gangsters .

The video starts with the wrists already cut off and the face skinned.

Then, I tried to cut off the neck with something like a sickle, but it was cut off little by little with something like a cutter knife .

Multiple men who hold down the man who is violently resisting even if it is done so far.

It's a trauma-level video that will definitely be mentally done .

Words that should not be searched ④ "dealer boy"

Dealer boy " is also one of the words that should not be searched.

Although the name sounds like a boy who sells cars, it is actually a video of a 14-year-old drug dealer.

It is well conveyed that those who disobey will not be forgiven even if they are children .

It's less extreme than other videos, but it's heartbreaking to see young children being brutally murdered .

Don't search for Living Mexico!

Execution video "Mexico alive" by the worst drug cartel in history.

Although I introduced it with spoilers, such incidents are still occurring frequently in Mexico, and there are also incidents involving ordinary citizens.

And there are many similar videos out there.

And it seems that there are many people who try to watch out of curiosity and guide them to fraudulent sites aiming to search for videos.

Please be prepared to search after carefully checking the information that is spoiled based on the mental impact and the risk of being infected with the virus .

If you are interested in watching it and thinking about it easily, you will definitely regret it, so it is better not to search for it.

And I sincerely hope that such incidents will disappear from the world.