How to Check and Uncheck "Shadowban"? Includes a Shadowban check site!

Updated on 2022-11-17
Un Shadowban est une "pénalité invisible temporaire" donnée par la gestion de Twitter aux utilisateurs qui adoptent un comportement ou des tweets inappropriés.Cet article vous montre comment vérifier pour Shadowbanning!

Shadowban is an "invisible temporary penalty" given by Twitter management to users who engage in inappropriate behavior or tweets.

The reason why it is called "shadowbanning" is because "it is difficult for users themselves to notice the penalty. For example, a user may receive fewer likes or likes than usual, or a user may not receive any followers for a follow.

This is called "shadowban" because it is difficult for the user to notice the penalty.

To combat this phenomenon, let's start with a shadowban check!

Next, I will explain how to perform a shadowban check. There are two main types. If you want to be sure to perform a shadowban check, check both types.

How to perform a shadowban check

How to check using a dedicated website

You can use a dedicated website as a way to check your shadowban.

When you go to the above site, you can easily do a shadowban check by simply entering your "username".

After entering the information, press "CHECK" to get the results. If nothing is caught by the shadowban check, everything will be displayed in green as shown below.

However, if you are caught in a shadowban check, the corresponding area will be displayed in red text, as shown below.

Check using the Twitter function

So, "Has a shadowban occurred? " We will tell you how to find out!

1. make a new post with a minor hashtag

Make a new post with some minor hashtag.

Or, if it is a completely original hashtag, such as "The truth about #(name)", it will be a hashtag that absolutely no one else is using.

Such original hashtags are totally acceptable.

2. Look at hashtags of new posts from other accounts, such as friends.

Access the hashtag you just posted from an account other than your own!

If possible, unfollow or otherwise pretend that the account you are accessing it from does not know you.

If you are a follower, it is difficult to confirm exactly what you are doing, as you may be visible.

3. If you are not listed in the "Latest" section, you are being shadow-banned.

If you are not listed in the "Latest" section of the hashtag feed, you can assume that you have been shadowbanned.

How to remove it in this case is explained above.

Enter the information and press "CHECK" to get the result. If nothing is caught by the shadowban check, everything will be displayed in green as shown below.

However, if a shadowban check is caught, the corresponding area will be displayed in red text, etc., as shown below.

How to remove shadowban

1) Leave it for at least two days.

So, how can "shadowbans" be removed?

One solution is said to be to "stop all actions for two days.

Huh? That's it? "That's it? " you may think. However, by leaving it completely alone for two days, preferably logging out, the algorithm seems to recognize that this is a human account.

This has become a universal solution, so please check it out.

However, if you have been shadow-banned repeatedly, you may want to give it a few more days.

We will continue to experiment and verify this area as needed.

2) Check the status of your account again

Now, we understand that some of you may be thinking, "I have left my account unresolved for two days," or "I have a problem that needs to be resolved more quickly.

Please check all content again and try to remove problematic hashtags and keywords.

Also, deactivate any apps that you are using in sync with Instagram.

They may be malfunctioning.


Also, please remove any problematic URLs linked from Instagram.

This may be due to the fact that they are all links that jump to the same location.

Measures to avoid being caught by shadowbanning checks

This is a verification of why Twitter performs shadowbanning. As a result of the verification, we estimate that Twitter's shadowbanning algorithm is as follows.
- Check whether an external link (URL) exists in a tweet.
- If an external link (URL) exists, the engagement count of the tweet is compared to Twitter's threshold value.
- If the engagement count is greater than the threshold, search for past tweets of the user who tweeted and check if the same URL exists.
- If the same URL exists in more than a certain number of past tweets, the tweet is identified as spam and the user who tweeted it is flagged as a shadowban (shadowban status).
- As a result, the tweet will no longer appear in searches and will be eliminated as spam.
Therefore, as measures to avoid being caught by the shadowban check, here are five measures that we have derived from our experience and various verifications.
1. Do not tweet too much with external links (URLs).
2. Do not abuse hashtags.
3. Do not post the exact same tweet repeatedly.

Shadowban measure 1: Do not tweet too many external links (URLs)

As a shadowban measure, tweeting external links (URLs) may be treated as spam. As a result, it increases the risk of account freezing as well as shadowbanning.

Therefore, as a measure against shadowbanning, tweets with external links (URLs) should be kept to the minimum necessary. For example, many people may want to direct affiliates or their own websites to their tweets.

However, once treated as spam, tweets can incur very heavy penalties, so tweets should be moderate in frequency.

Shadow Banning Countermeasure 2: Do not abuse hashtags

As a countermeasure against shadowbanning, we also recommend that you refrain from abusing hashtags. Many users will use hashtags in combination with the external links (URLs) mentioned earlier.

Users should also refrain from using hashtags that are completely unrelated to the content of the tweet. It is also not advisable to use more than one hashtag at a time. Users should limit the number of hashtags used at one time to about two.

Shadowbanning Countermeasure 3: Do not post the exact same tweet repeatedly.

As a countermeasure against shadowbanning, do not post the same tweets repeatedly, as Twitter may recognize you as a BOT.

However, posting a variety of tweets in succession is not a problem.