Annoyed by APCO GROUP JAPAN? A thorough investigation of "APCO GROUP JAPAN K.K." that's been making the rounds on the Internet!

Updated on 2022-11-02
APCO Group Japan K.K." is developing an au HIKARI agency business and has become a hot topic on the Internet. In this article, we will analyze this agency in detail, including what is being talked about.


APCO GROUP is one of the world's largest direct marketing companies.

It is so famous in direct marketing that it says on its official website, "APCO Group Japan is the world's largest direct marketing company.

Mainly, KDDI is one of its major clients, which is thought to be the reason why you are searching this page this time.

It has been leaked that the company functions as an agency of KDDI, and that the operators and sales staff working in the company are on a full commission basis.

However, times are tough, so I don't think the commission system itself is a bad thing.

Company name

APCO Group Japan K.K.


Shibuya Hashimoto Bldg. 7F, 5-5 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0044, Japan

Main Clients

United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)

Is APCO GROUP JAPAN malicious?

APCO GROUP JAPAN was ranked 19th in February 2018 in the ranking of companies with good character.

Also, in February 2021, APCO GROUP JAPAN was ranked 64th on the list of "White Companies for New Graduates to Work For.

In other words, it is a comfortable place to work, and the company's intention is to promote itself as a company with a low attrition rate.

If the company has received such awards and credible prizes, it can be said that it is a very good company and not a malicious one.

Social networking postings [testimonials] regarding the nuisance of APCO GROUP JAPAN.

 Sorry to hear about the duplicate contract.

Duplicate contracts are terrible!

I just got a business card from a scam company!
They do door-to-door sales around here, so be careful!
They'll ask about WiFi!
Most door-to-door sales agents are scams!
I was made to sign a double contract last time!

I'm going to sleep twice, good night.

- Yukichin (@peach_kaden2) February 26, 2022

The response may be considered suspicious

They come to your house out of the blue and try to get you to sign a contract right away, saying that the basic electricity rate will be cut in half.
I said, "Can I have your business card?" They are reluctant to give you their business card, saying, "What are you going to use it for?" and they are reluctant to give it to me.
Everyone, be careful. #GinnyEnergy #APCOGroupJapan

- yasuhiro726 (@yasuhiro7261) January 17, 2020


Is APCO GROUP JAPAN dangerous? Annoying? This page is an in-depth explanation of whether or not APCO GROUP JAPAN is a KDDI agency or not.

In this page, I have explained whether or not APCO GROUP JAPAN is an agency of KDDI.

In fact, there are many reviews about APCO GROUP JAPAN that say they are quite malicious when you look into them.

So I think it is not too much to say that people who read this article will not take their sales activities seriously.

In fact, however, it would be difficult to say that "APCO GROUP JAPAN is malicious" necessarily because of the number of sales visits.

I can say that most people's opinion is that calls that come in when there is no need are a bit bothersome as sales calls after all.

I hope the information in this article is helpful.